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Oxford University Gazette, 7 February 2008:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Hussey Bequest

Applications are invited by Friday, 29 February from graduate students in the faculties/departments of Music, Theology, and the Ruskin School for a Hussey grant of up to £500 which may be used to assist with travel, maintenance, conference attendance, or other costs associated with research studies.

Eligible applicants should make application in writing giving a brief summary of their research to date, the purpose of their application, and supply a supporting reference from their current supervisor, to Mrs E.A. Macallister, Secretary to the Committee for the Hussey Bequest, Faculty of Theology, 41 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LW (telephone: Oxford (2)70797, e-mail:

Applications will be considered on merit, and not financial need.

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Wadham College

Philip Wright Scholarship 2008–9

The Philip Wright Scholarship is funded by income from the Philip Wright Fund, a trust fund established in 1874 for the award of scholarships and grants to students of Wadham College, subject to the stipulation that the recipient of any award must be an ex-student of the Manchester Grammar School. The college is offering a scholarship tenable for one year in the first instance and renewable, within the same course of study, for a two further years. (Successful applicants progressing from a graduate taught to a graduate research course cannot 'carry over' the scholarship but are encouraged to reapply on transfer.)

Applicants must be former pupils of Manchester Grammar School. Applicants must intend to engage in graduate studies at Wadham College from October 2008 (in which case the scholarship is awarded on condition that the candidate is accepted by a faculty of the University of Oxford to take up graduate studies towards an advanced degree and by the college as a graduate member), or have already been engaged in graduate studies at the University of Oxford (a successful applicant who is at present a student at another college will be required to migrate to Wadham College to take up the award).

All applicants must also apply to the appropriate funding bodies (e.g. ESRC, AHRC) and if the successful applicant receives another studentship, such as from one of the UK funding councils, a reduced scholarship equivalent to the standard college fee (currently £1,888) will be offered. Otherwise, the scholarship will pay the equivalent of standard home University and College fees (currently £3, 240 plus £1,888) and a maintenance grant of £8,000 a year.

Application forms are available from the Tutorial Office, Wadham College, Oxford OX1 3PN, or from the college Web site ( All applicants embarking on a new course of study must also apply to the University for admission in the usual way. All applications should be received by Friday, 16 May.

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