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Oxford University Gazette, 6 December 2007: Examinations and Boards

Changes in Regulations

With the approval of the Humanities Board, and, where applicable, of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, the following changes in regulations made by boards of faculties will come into effect on 21 December.

1 Boards of the Faculties of Medieval and Modern Languages, Classics, and English Language and Literature

M.St in Women's Studies

With immediate effect

In Examination Regulations, 2007, p. 698, ll. 6 and 17, delete 'seventh', and substitute 'sixth'.

2 Board of the Faculty of Theology

Postgraduate Diploma in Theology

With immediate effect

1 In Examination Regulations, 2007, p. 1009, delete ll. 34–7 and substitute:

'(5) God, Christ, and Salvation. As specified for paper (5) in the Honour School of Theology.

(6) Christian Life and Thought in Europe and the English-Speaking World, 1789–1921. As specified for paper (9)A in the Honour School of Theology.'

2 Ibid., l. 38, delete '13' and substitute '12'.

3 Ibid., p. 1010, delete ll. 4–5 and substitute:

'The syllabuses will be as prescribed for papers (16), (18), and (20) in the Honour School of Theology.'

4 Ibid., l. 12, after 'Church' insert 'to'.

5 Ibid., l. 13, delete '5' and substitute '4'.

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