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Supplement (1) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4819. Wednesday, 10 October 2007.
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Scholarships and Prizes 2007: Hardship

Access to Learning Fund

The Government Access to Learning Fund is mainly for British students who need extra help to meet their living or course costs. The fund can be used to meet course-related costs, such as childcare, travel, field trips and books and equipment, or general living costs, such as rent and utility bills. Payments can range up to £3,500 in exceptional circumstances.

The Access to Learning Fund can be granted to undergraduates and postgraduates, both full-time and part-time. However, to qualify, students must also meet certain residence requirements: they must either be "home" students or fulfil other conditions.

A home student is someone who, on the first day of the first academic year of his or her course, is ordinarily resident in England and Wales, has been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and Islands throughout the three-year period preceding that date other than wholly or mainly for the purpose of receiving full- time education, and has "settled status" in the UK.

Certain other students may qualify, even though they do not meet the requirements for settled status and/or three years ordinary residence before the start of the course. They include (i) refugees, their spouses, children or step-children; (ii) persons who have been informed by the Home Office that although they do not qualify as a refugee, they have been granted exceptional leave to enter or remain in the UK, their spouses, children or stepchildren; (iii) European Economic Area (EEA) migrant workers, their spouses children and step-children; (iv) nationals of the Republic of Ireland; and (v) spouses and children of members of the armed forces who have been abroad due to their spouses or parents serving outside the UK.

Channel Island and Isle of Man students are not eligible to apply.

Before applying for a grant, full time students must have taken out a student loan for maintenance, if eligible, and applied for the full amount to which they are entitled.

Forms are available in college and at the Student Funding and Access Office. Applications will be considered throughout the year on a rolling basis. The deadline for receipt of fully supported applications is 29 June 2008.

If you require clarification before submitting your application form, please contact the Student Funding Assistant in the Student Funding and Access Office, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD e-mail: telephone: Oxford (2)70040 or (2)70101. All applications will be treated in confidence.

Part-time students should contact Student Support Officer OUDCE, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JA telephone: Oxford (2)80355

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