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Oxford University Gazette, 26 October 2006: University Acts


Changes in Regulations

The Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 10 November.

Establishment of a Professorship of Buddhist Studies

1 In SCHEDULE A of Council Regulations 3 of 2004, concerning statutory professorships, after 'Sherardian Professor of Botany' insert:

'Numata Professorship of Buddhist Studies'.

2 In Sect. iii of Council Regulations 24 of 2002, concerning individual professorships (Statutes, 2000, p. 403, as redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, and amended by the changes in regulations published on 31 October 2002 and on 19 June 2003, Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1461; Vol. 133, pp. 353, 1429), insert new § 36 and renumber existing §§ 36–109 as §§ 37–110:

'§ 36. Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies

1. Under an agreement made between the University and Balliol College, the annual payments to the University from the Yehan Numata Fund at the college, derived from munificent benefactions to the college from the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (The Society for the Advancement of Buddhist Understanding), shall be used to support a professorship of Buddhist Studies, to be known as the Numata Professorship of Buddhist Studies.

2. The Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies shall lecture and give instruction in Buddhist Studies.

3. The professor shall be elected by an electoral board consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor, or if the head of the college specified in paragraph (2) below is the Vice-Chancellor, a person appointed by Council;

(2) the Master of Balliol College, or, if the Master is unable or unwilling to act, a person appointed by the Governing Body of Balliol College;

(3) a person appointed by the Governing Body of Balliol College;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by Council;

(6) a person appointed by the Humanities Board;

(7), (8) two persons appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies;

(9) a person appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Theology.

4. The professor shall be subject to the General Provisions of the regulations concerning the duties of professors and to those Particular Provisions of the same regulations which are applicable to the chair.

5. Regulations 3 and 4 may be amended by Council.'

[These changes, made on the recommendation of the Humanities Board, establish a professorship in the Humanities Division supported by funds from Balliol College. The professorship will be on the establishment of the Oriental Studies Faculty.]

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Bowman, L.J., Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit

Bundy, C.J., Green College

Burrows, P.N., Jesus

Cappelen, H.W., Somerville

Corsi, P., Linacre

Cunningham, C., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Hyland, D.P., Theology Faculty Centre

Jeyakumar, M., Linacre

Murphy, T.A., Hertford

Petersen, S.E., Christ Church

Rodd, K., Land Agent's and Accommodation Office

Thorn, M.P., Business Services and Projects

Ward, R., St Stephen's House

Whitlock, G.F., Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit

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