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Oxford University Gazette, 22 June 2007: Notices


University Gazette: publication arrangements

The remaining Gazettes of the academic year will be published on 28 June, 12 July, and 26 July. Publication for 2007–8 will begin on 20 September. The usual deadlines will apply.

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Long Vacation arrangements

The University Counselling Service will be open during the Long Vacation from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. (Monday–Friday), from Monday, 25 June (tenth week), until Friday, 28 September (week -1).

From noughth week (Monday, 1 October) onwards, the opening times will be the usual hours, 9.15 a.m.–5.15 p.m., Monday–Friday.

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

César Milstein Professorship of Cancer Cell Biology

                              Appointed by

The Principal of Linacre      Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Rector of Lincoln         Lincoln College
Professor K. Nasmyth          Council
Dr T. Hunt                    Council
Professor H. Waldmann         Medical Sciences Board
Dr K. Fleming                 Medical Sciences Board
Professor Xin-Liu             Medical Sciences Board
Professor D J. Kerr           Medical Sciences Board
Professor P.R. Cook           Lincoln College

[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Sects. 10 and 11 of Statute IX (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 108).

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