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Oxford University Gazette, 22 February 2007: University Agenda

CONGREGATION 20 March 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the proposed change in regulations below, signed by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 12 March (see the note on the conduct of business in Congregation at the end of 'University Agenda').

Voting on Change in Congregation Regulations: Membership

Explanatory Note

In the light of the National Framework Agreement on pay modernisation in the higher education sector, the University approved a new salary and grading structure with effect from 1 August 2006. An amendment to the Congregation Regulations concerning Membership of Congregation is required in order to reflect the nomenclature in the new salary structure. The change in nomenclature preserves existing arrangements and entitlements.

Text of proposed change in Congregation Regulations

In Congregation Regulations 1 of 2002, concerning Membership of Congregation (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, p. 160) delete existing regulation 1.(10) and substitute:

'1.(10) all persons working in any university department or institution who hold posts on grades 8 and above;'.

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