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Oxford University Gazette, 12 October 2006: Appointments

Jesus College

Junior Research Fellowships in English and Physics

Jesus College proposes to elect to two Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs), tenable for three years from 1 October 2007. One post is open to those intending to pursue research in English; the other post is open to those intending to pursue research in Physics. The JRFs are intended for those at an early stage of their academic career, typically at postdoctoral level. The starting salary is in the region of either £26,000 per annum, including a housing allowance, or £20,000 per annum, plus free single accommodation in college. Free meals in college, USS pension and an annual research allowance of £760 are also offered. The JRFs may also be held on a non-stipendiary basis (i.e. without a salary but including the housing allowance/college accommodation and all other benefits), if the applicant has salary support from another source.

Further information on both JRFs may be obtained from the Jesus College Web site at, or obtained from the Principal's Secretary, Jesus College, Oxford OX1 3DW (e-mail:, to whom applications should be sent by Friday, 10 November. It is the responsibility of applicants to ask their referees (three are required) to send their references direct to the Principal's Secretary by the same date.