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Oxford University Gazette, 8 February 2007: Notices


EPSC Review of Linguistics

The Humanities Division and the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council will jointly conduct a review of Linguistics in Hilary Term. The committee's terms of reference are:

1. To review the quality of academic activities in the department, by reference to:

  • international standards of excellence;
  • action taken since the last review of the faculty/department;
  • planning statements at faculty/department and divisional level, and in the context of the University's mission statement and corporate plan. In particular:

(a) the quality of the research of the faculty/department, including its participation in interdepartmental, interdivisional and interdisciplinary activities, its research profile and strategy, and future challenges and opportunities;

(b) the quality of undergraduate and graduate programmes and their delivery and related issues, including:

  • access and admissions;
  • curriculum design and programme structure;
  • teaching, learning and assessment;
  • the relationship between teaching and research;
  • academic and pastoral support and guidance;
  • the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources);
  • specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies (including research degrees and research training and provision for part-time study);
  • relationships with colleges;
  • quality assurance mechanisms;

(c) the organisation of the faculty/department, its management structures and the relationship between the faculty/department and the Division, including such matters as:

  • strategic planning (including relationship to the divisional five-year plans and the University's Corporate Plan);
  • academic and non-academic staff planning and recruitment;
  • student number planning;
  • terms of appointment for academic staff, including career development and equal opportunities issues;
  • accommodation and future space needs;
  • fundraising;

(d) the relationship (structural and operational) between units within the faculty/department, and between the faculty/department and cognate subject areas and colleges to which it is linked in teaching and research.

2. To consider the current and long-term financial position of, and funding arrangements for the faculty/department and its financial strategy. The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the joint secretary to the review committee, Mr R.O. Hughes, University Offices, Wellington Square (e-mail:, by Friday, 2 March.

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Distinction Awards for Non-clinical Professors and Readers

The Committee on Distinction Awards for Non-Clinical Professors and Readers has now completed the most recent exercise to consider the making of new or enhanced awards. Taking account of previous awards made, and of enhancements of existing awards, the current position is that two staff members hold awards of £53,203 per annum, four hold awards of £47,170, four hold awards of £41,273, nine hold awards of £35,375, twenty-four hold awards of £29,425, twenty-eight hold awards of £23,585, forty-six hold awards of £17,689, fifty hold awards of £11,791, thirty hold awards of £7,865, and twenty-one hold awards of £2,872. All those who applied in the recent exercise have been notified of the outcome of their application. In addition, seventy-five other members of staff are in receipt of super-scale payments under the arrangements approved by Congregation in 2001.

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Language Centre

Intensive weekend courses in Trinity Term 2007

The Language Centre will be running weekend language courses during Trinity Term 2007. Italian and German will take place on 19–20 May. French and Spanish will take place 2–3 June. Each course will consist of eight hours' tuition and will last from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Further details are available from the Language Centre.

Library and independent study facilities

The Library's collection of audio/video cassettes, books and computer programs covers over 135 languages. The independent-study area has rooms equipped with listening and viewing facilities, including DVD and VHS video players plus live satellite broadcasting, for individual work and computer based learning resources. New users should aim to arrive shortly before 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. to register and attend an orientation session.

Information on all courses and activities may be obtained from Rebecca Landless at the Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: Oxford (2)83360, e-mail, Web site:

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Shaw Professorship of Chinese

TIMOTHY JAMES BROOK, BA Toronto, AM PH.D Harvard, Professor, Department of History, and Principal of St John's College, University of British Columbia, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 July 2007.

Professor Brook will be a fellow of University College.

Professorship of Mathematical Finance

XUNYU ZHOU, B.SC PH.D Fudan, Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Faculty of Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Adjunct Professor, School of Business, the University of Science and Technology of China, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from1 September 2007.

Professor Zhou will be a fellow of St Hugh's College.

Conferment of the Title of Visiting Professor

The Humanities Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Brazilian History on PROFESSOR JOSE MURILO DE CARVALHO, PH.D Stanford, Professor in the Department of History, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, for Hilary Term 2007.

Readership in the Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe

GWENDOLYN SASSE, MA Hamburg, M.SC PH.D London, Fellow of Nuffield College, has been appointed to a Readership in the Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europen with effect from 1 April 2007.

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