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Oxford University Gazette, 7 June 2007: University Acts


Changes in Regulations

Council has made the following change in regulations, to come into effect on 22 June.

1 In Council Regulations 2 of 2004, concerning Other University Bodies (Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4702, 30 June 2004, p. 1237, as amended on 21 October 2004, 28 April 2005, 17 November 2005, 12 January 2006, 4 May 2006, 21 September 2006, 11 January 2007, 8 March 2007 and 22 March 2007, Gazette, Vol. 135, pp. 244, 882; Vol. 136, pp. 342, 481, 989; Vol. 137, pp. 2, 574, 850, 926), in Part 6, delete existing regulations 6.1.(5) and 6.1.(9) and substitute respectively:

'6.1.(5) a person appointed by the Social Sciences Board, not being a member of the Department of Education;'.

'6.1.(9) a person appointed by the Committee for Education;'.

2 In Council Regulations 15 of 2002, concerning committees reporting directly to Council (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4634, 16 October 2002, p. 226, as amended on 23 March 2006, Gazette, Vol. 136, p. 836), in regulation 3.29, concerning the composition of the Continuing Education Board, delete existing regulation 3.29.(9) and substitute:

'3.29.(9) the Director of the Department of Education, or the director's nominee;'.

3 In Council Regulations 16 of 2002, concerning Regulations for the Divisions (Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4628, 26 June 2002, p. 1405, as amended on 14 October 2004, 24 February 2005, 5 May 2005, 13 October 2005 and 4 May 2006, Gazette, Vol. 135, pp. 212, 686, 926; Vol. 136, pp. 182, 988), in regulation 4, concerning the composition of the Social Sciences Division, delete existing regulation 4.(6) and substitute:

'4.(6) Education'.

4 In Council Regulations 17 of 2002, concerning Regulations for Divisional Boards (Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4628, 26 June 2002, p. 1409, as amended on 5 May 2005, 14 July 2005 and 13 October 2005, 16 March 2006, 4 May 2006 and 27 July 2006, Gazette, Vol. 135, pp. 926, 1270; Vol. 136, pp. 182, 786, 988, 1390), in regulation 1.(13) delete 'Committee for Educational Studies' and substitute 'Committee for Education'.

5 Ibid., in regulation 15, concerning the membership of the Social Sciences Board, delete existing regulation 15.(15–17) and substitute:

'15.(15)–(17) three persons elected on a rotational basis by and from academic members of the following units of the division, with each person serving a two-year period:

(i) the Department of Economics;

(ii) the Department of Education;

(iii) the Faculty of Law;

(iv) the Department of Politics and International Relations;

(v) the Oxford University Centre for the Environment;

(vi) the Saïd Business School'.

6 In Part 1 of Council Regulations 44 of 2002, concerning Oxford University Library Services (Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1544, 5 July 2002), delete existing regulation 1.2.(5) and substitute:

'1.2.(5) Education Library;'.

7 In Council Regulations 8 of 2006, concerning Regulations for Procedures concerning Fitness to Teach during the course of the PGCE Programme (Gazette, Vol. 136, p. 1070, 18 May 2002), delete existing regulation 1 and substitute:

'1. Any determination by the Department of Education of a student's fitness to teach as a result of a student's alleged conduct or behaviour, must take place strictly in accordance with the procedures set out below. Where, after appropriate consultation, it appears that the student's alleged conduct or behaviour may be the result of, or the student is otherwise suffering from, ill health, the procedure set out below must be followed.'

8 Ibid., in regulations 6–10, 15, 18–21, and 25, delete 'Educational Studies' and substitute 'Education'.

9 In Part 2 of Council Regulations 25 of 2002, concerning trusts (Statutes, 2000, p. 753, as redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1461), in regulation 2 of § 383, concerning the Women Students Fund, delete 'Educational Studies' and substitute 'Education'.

10 In SCHEDULE A of Council Regulations 3 of 2004, concerning statutory professorships, delete 'Professors (three) of Educational Studies' and substitute:

'Professors (three) of Education'.

11 In Sect. iii of Council Regulations 24 of 2002, concerning individual professorships (Statutes, 2000, p. 415, as redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 132, p. 1461), delete existing § 67 and substitute:

'§ 67. Professors (three) of Education

1. There shall be three Professors of Education who shall engage in advanced study and research and shall lecture and give instruction in Education.

2. The professors shall each be elected by an electoral board consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor, or, if the head of the college specified in paragraph (2) below is Vice-Chancellor, a person appointed by Council;

(2) the head of the college to which the professorship shall be for the time being allocated by Council under any regulation in that behalf, or if the head is unable or unwilling to act, a person appointed by the governing body of the college;

(3) a person appointed by the governing body of the college specified in paragraph (2) above;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by Council;

(6) a person appointed by the Social Sciences Board;

(7)–(9) three persons appointed by the Academic Committee of the Department of Education.

If an appointment is also being made to the directorship of the department, Council will appoint only one member of the electoral board, and one member will be the chairman of the department's professional committee or a head teacher proposed by the Oxfordshire Secondary Head Teachers' Association.

4. The professors shall be subject to the General Provisions of the regulations concerning the duties of professors and to those Particular Provisions of the same regulations which are applicable to these chairs.'

[These changes, made on the recommendation of the Social Sciences Board, change the name of the Department of Educational Studies to the Department of Education to reflect the full scope of the activities of the department.]

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Bouhifd, M.A., Department of Earth Sciences

Brown, K.B., Wadham

Eddie, C.M., Public Affairs Directorate

Holliday, E., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Hutchings, J., Keble

Ireland, J.P., Faculty of Physiological Sciences

Jackson, S.R., Oriel

Lauer, L.E., St Hilda's

Prokopenko, I., Diabetes Research Laboratories

Szele, F.G., St Anne's

Tolley, S.H., Department of Biomedical Services

Trigoni, A., Kellogg

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