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Oxford University Gazette, 2 November 2006: Notices


Curators of the University Libraries

An exhibition of proposals for the New Bodleian Library

An exhibition of proposals to give architectural expression to the concept of the redeveloped New Bodleian as a Special Collections Library opened in the New Bodleian foyer on Wednesday, 1 November and will run until Friday, 8 December, at the end of ninth week.

As indicated in the Curators' last report on library estates strategy (Gazette, 16 March 2006), the exhibition has been created to outline proposals for the future of the New Bodleian Library as part of the wider strategy for the development and delivery of library services for the University of Oxford.

The approach outlined in the exhibition will be the subject of further consideration by the Curators and the consultative groups which they have established in connection with the various elements of the overall library estates strategy. The Curators will then be reporting to Council on the preparation of a business case and the terms of a draft resolution to Congregation.

The content of this new exhibition (and of the previous exhibition on the library estates strategy) will also be available within the Oxford domain at

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