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Oxford University Gazette, 2 November 2006: University Acts


When changes to Statute IX, removing the existing provisions concerning age limits for the Proctors, Assessor and Pro-Proctors were proposed and declared approved by Congregation on 12 October 2006 (Gazette, p. 190), section 25 of the Statute should also have been amended to remove the reference to age limits for any additional Pro-Proctors who might be appointed during the Proctors' period of office. Section 25 of Statute IX should therefore now read:

'25. (1) At any time during his or her period of office a Proctor may, subject to the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, appoint additional Pro-Proctors, being members of Congregation.'

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Gershuny, J.I., St Hugh's

Goold, I.L., St Anne's

Hook, I.M., Christ Church

Johnston, T.P., St Peter's

Mole, D.R., Green College

Paoli, S., Balliol

Ristic, L., Radcliffe Science Library

Scataglini Belghatar, G., Balliol

Scerif, G., St Catherine's

Stammers, D.K., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

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