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Supplement (1) to Oxford University Gazette No. 4782. Wednesday, 11 October 2006.
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Scholarships and Prizes 2006: Social Sciences


1. The Managers of the Cyril Foster and Related Funds will consider requests from members of the University (principally M.Litt. and D.Phil. students, and senior members) undertaking research in international relations for modest grants towards travel and related research expenses, and, exceptionally, for other purposes. The main funds are:

(a) The Cyril Foster Fund: this is intended 'for the promotion of international peace and the prevention of future wars'.

(b) The Alastair Buchan Subsidiary Fund: this fund, which is strictly limited, is intended for 'the promotion of research in international relations'.

(c) The Oxford Project for Peace Studies Fund: this fund, which is strictly limited, is intended for 'the study of the nature of peace and of the methods by which peace can be developed and extended'.

Applications for grants under these funds are not normally entertained from visiting scholars, from students with probationary status, from students for the M.Sc. degree, or from undergraduates. Requests should be made before the expenses are incurred. Applications from M.Phil. students will only be considered if an exceptional case is made. Attendance at an international conference will not in itself normally be accepted as a sufficient reason for a grant.

2. Graduate students (including M.Sc. or M.Phil.) can also apply for the annual Maurice Latey Award 'to assist travel for research by postgraduate students in the fields of politics or international relations working on aspects of democracy, freedom, and religion'. Suitable applications for grants under 1 above will automatically be considered for this award. Additional applications for small research grants are also invited from postgraduate students at British or overseas universities wishing to use the Latey Archive in the Bodleian Library.

3. Graduate students (including M.Sc. or M.Phil.) may also apply for Pavry and Winchester Awards to support research in the areas of international peace and understanding and human rights and fundamental freedoms respectively.

4. Applications for grants under 1 and/or 2 above should be made on a form available from the Secretary to the Managers (address below), and should be submitted by the end of the fifth week of each Oxford term. Consideration of applications submitted after that date will normally be deferred until the latter part of the following term. Candidates are asked to state the name of the fund/s to which they are applying, and to clarify the relevance of their project to the purpose of the particular fund. Graduate students applying for research grants are also asked to name one referee, normally their supervisor, who should be requested to send a reference directly to the Secretary to the Managers.

5. Applications are also invited for the annual Royal Bank of Canada Research Scholarship. This award, of a value of £1,000, is available to any graduate student of the University (including M.Sc. or M.Phil.) to cover costs of research outside the UK on 'international relations with special reference to Canada'. Letters of application should be submitted by the end of fifth week of Trinity Term. There is no application form, but candidates should give a brief outline of their thesis topic and proposed research, stating college, course, and supervisor, who should be requested to send a reference directly to the Secretary to the Managers.

6. All requests for application forms, correspondence, and references should be addressed directly to Mrs Marga Lyall, Secretary to the Managers of the Cyril Foster and Related Funds, Centre for International Studies, Department of Politics and International Relations, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ

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