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Oxford University Gazette, 27 October 2005: University Agenda

CONGREGATION 1 November 2 p.m.

Proposals for changes in governance: Topic for Discussion

Council agreed in Trinity Term 2005 that the discussion on the governance proposals should take place in Congregation on 1 November 2005 rather than on 28 June (see Gazette, Vol. 135, p. 976). Under the regulation governing topics for discussion, no vote is taken but it is the duty of Council to give consideration to the remarks made.

This discussion is part of the continuing process of consultation on possible changes to the University's governance arrangements. The review of the governance system was initiated in Michaelmas Term 2004 with the appointment of a working party consisting of the following: the Vice-Chancellor, the Principal of Somerville, Professor K. Burnett, Mr B.J. Taylor, Dr J.F. Wheater, and Professor D.J. Womersley.

After an initial consultative exercise in which comments were invited on the operation of the governance arrangements established in 2000, the working party produced, in the course of Hilary Term 2005, a Green Paper which was the subject of extensive discussion in colleges and university bodies at the end of Hilary Term, over the Easter Vacation and into Trinity Term. Most comments made during this process have been published on the Web at The Governance Working Party has continued its discussions in the light of those comments and its further report was published as a supplement to the Gazette on 29 September 2005. It is intended that the discussion in Congregation on 1 November will focus on this paper and in particular on the proposals made for changes. These are significantly different from the original proposals made in the Green Paper.

In the light of the discussion, and the comments submitted by 18 November from university bodies, colleges, and individuals in response to the request in the consultative paper, Council and the working party will consider any necessary further arrangements for consultation and what detailed proposals to put forward formally.

Members of Congregation who wish to speak in the discussion of this topic are asked to inform Mr Vice-Chancellor, if possible by 27 October, and also to indicate what particular issues they wish to address, as this will help to determine the order in which speakers are called. As long as time permits, any member of Congregation will be free to speak, however, whether or not they have given notice in advance.

The regulation governing topics for discussion is Part 6 of Regulations for the Conduct of Business in Congregation (Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002).

It is intended to publish on the Web the written comments which are submitted (unless those who reply indicate that they do not wish their comments to be made generally available), and it would therefore be helpful to receive these electronically.

Note: since this notice was last published in the Gazette, the written legal advice given in connection with the initial Green Paper has been published on the Web at

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CONGREGATION 15 November 2 p.m.

2 Voting on Resolutions authorising expenditure from the Higher Studies Fund

(i) That the University be authorised to expend from that part of the Higher Studies Fund earmarked for Social Studies an extension of the existing grant of £15k per annum for a further and final three years from 2007 to 2010 for the purchase of Chinese books for the Bodleian.

(ii) That the University be authorised to expend from that part of the Higher Studies Fund earmarked for Social Studies the sum of approximately £10k to enable the Bodleian to purchase the People's Daily in electronic format.

(iii) That the University be authorised to expend from that part of the Higher Studies Fund earmarked for Social Studies the sum of £125k over the two years 2006 and 2007 to provide research support for the incoming Professor of Educational Studies, Professor Marsh.

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