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Oxford University Gazette, 27 April 2006: Examinations and Boards

Changes in Regulations

With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, and, where applicable, of the Humanities Board, the following changes in regulations made by divisional and faculty boards will come into effect on 12 May.

1 Medical Sciences Board

Degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology

With effect from October 2008 (for first examination in 2009)

In Examination Regulations, 2005, p. 1105, delete ll. 39--46 and p. 1106, delete ll. 1--48, and substitute:

'12. Candidates shall be examined in all of the following ways:

(a) Clinical Activity

Each candidate shall develop competence in five or six supervised clinical areas normally including the following:

(i) Adult; (ii) Child; (iii) Disabilities; (iv) Older People; (v) Elective (to be chosen by the candidate in consultation with the course tutors, subject to the availability of appropriate supervision. Final year candidates will normally either develop competence in one (twelve month) or two (six month) elective areas).

Candidates shall submit to the Board of Examiners a report on five of the above clinical areas. Normally, at least one report will concern clinical work which is other than individually based. Each report shall consist of not more than 6,000 words including tables and diagrams but excluding references and appendices. Candidates shall also submit to the Clinical Tutor a notebook (Log Book) for each clinical area. The candidate's supervisor in each clinical area shall complete, in consultation with the Clinical Tutor, an Evaluation of Clinical Competence (ECC). The Reports and ECC Forms shall be assessed as part of the examination. The notebooks shall be available to the examiners.

(b) Academic Activity

Candidates shall be required to follow a programme of study, as prescribed by the Director of the Course, normally in each of the following areas:

(i) Adult mental health; (ii) Children; (iii) Disabilities; (iv) Older People; (v) Specialist teaching.

Candidates are required to submit an extended essay in three of these areas. The essay shall not exceed 5,000 words including tables and diagrams but excluding references, and shall be on a subject approved in advance by the Course. One essay will take the form of a Critical Review.

(c) Research Activity

Candidates shall offer the following:

(i) One small-scale Research Project of approximately 4,500 words in length including tables and diagrams but excluding references and appendices. The project shall be carried out within a clinical context within the first two years of training and shall be of direct relevance to the clinical work.

(ii) A research dissertation of between 15,000 and 25,000 words, including tables, diagrams, references and appendices. The Research Dissertation shall consist of a research report of a significant and substantial investigation with human participants and shall be of clinical relevance. The subject of the Research Dissertation must be approved in advance by the Course. All candidates will be examined on the Dissertation viva voce.

3. Candidates shall be required to satisfy examiners in each of the assessment units described in clause 2 above.

4. Guidelines on the preparation and submission of all written work will be updated annually as required and will be included in the Course Handbook.

5. Deadlines for the submission of all assessed work (i.e. essay titles, essays, small-scale research projects, integrated clinical reports, critical reviews, dissertation proposals and dissertations) will be published annually by the Directorate of the 'Annual Course Syllabus Book' at the start of the academic year. They will also be lodged with the Proctors, and posted in the Course Office.

6. All material submitted for examination must be sent to the Chairman of Examiners of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, c/o the Course Manager, Isis Education Centre, Warneford Hospital, Headington, Oxford. It shall be accompanied by a certificate signed by the candidate indicating that it is the candidate's own work, except where otherwise specified. In the case of the integrated clinical report, small-scale research project, and dissertation, this must be supported by a signed statement from the candidate's supervisor indicating that the material submitted is the candidate's own work. These certificates must be submitted separately in a sealed envelope addressed to the chairman of examiners for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.'

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2 Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies

(a) Honour School of Oriental Studies

With effect from 1 October 2006 (for first examination in 2007)

1 In Examination Regulations, 2005, p. 451, in l. 32 after 'Armenian', insert 'option A'.

2 Ibid., p. 453, in l. 34 after 'Armenian', insert 'option A'.

3 Ibid., delete from p. 468, l. 47 to p. 469, l. 14 and substitute:


The following papers will be set:


A. Classical Armenian††

1. Classical Armenian prose composition and unprepared translation.

2. Prepared religious texts†

3. Prepared historical and other texts†


B. Modern Armenian†††

1. Modern Armenian prose composition and unprepared translation.

2. Prepared texts from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries†

3. Prepared texts from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries†.'

4 Ibid., p. 469, insert as footnotes:

'†Lists of texts are available from Oriental Institute.

††For candidates offering Arabic, Classics, Persian or Turkish as main subject.

†††For candidates offering Arabic, Persian or Turkish as main subject.'

(b) M.Phil. in Oriental Studies (xi) Modern Chinese Studies

With effect from 1 October 2006 (for first examination in 2007)

1 In Examination Regulations, 2005 p. 655, l. 5 after 'This' insert:

'paper consists of two parts. The first part is one written assignment to be handed in during the course of the second term. The second part'.

2 Ibid., l. 30 delete 'four' and substitute 'three'.

3 Ibid., delete ll. 43--9.

4 Ibid., l. 50 delete '(3) Elective paper' and substitute '(2) Elective papers'.

5 Ibid., l. 51 delete 'one' and substitute 'two' and insert 's' at the end of 'paper'.

6 Ibid., p. 656, l. 8, delete '(4)' and substitute '(3)'.

7 Ibid., l. 14, delete '(2) and (4)' and substitute '(3)'.

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