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Oxford University Gazette, 17 November 2005:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding


The Modern Languages Board, acting on behalf of the Curators of the Taylor Institution, has agreed that each society may, if it wishes, recommend the election of one new exhibitioner during the current academic year. In exceptional circumstances, such as a number of candidates with Distinctions in the First Public Examination, a college may submit the names of more than one candidate. An exhibition can be awarded to an undergraduate at any stage of his or her time in residence, and will be tenable for the remaining terms of residence up to a maximum of nine. This is on the understanding that the period of tenure within these limits will be determined by the college.

Those eligible to hold the exhibitions are:

(a) candidates reading Spanish as sole language or as one of two languages or with linguistics in the Honour School of Modern Languages;

(b) candidates reading Spanish as one of the two subjects in the following Honour Schools: Classics and Modern Languages, English and Modern Languages, Modern History and Modern Languages, Philosophy and Modern Languages, or European and Middle Eastern Languages.

The exhibitions are of a value of £75 per annum. A student awarded an Exhibition part-way through the academic year will receive one-third of these emoluments in respect of each term remaining in the academic year (including the term of award).

Senior Exhibitions will be available for graduate students of Spanish to assist with research and travel costs, applications for these being considered by, or on behalf of, the Curators.

The terms of the G.A. Kolkhorst benefaction specifically exclude Exeter College and Queen's College from the scheme. Nominations for junior exhibitions or applications for senior exhibitions will be accepted from these two colleges, but awards will be made from a separate fund available to the Curators and will be known as Arteaga Exhibitions.

It is expected that elections to Kolkhorst or Arteaga Exhibitions will be made on grounds of academic merit, subject to the necessary funds being available.

Nominations to exhibitions should be made by Friday of week 5 in Hilary Term (17 February 2006) to the Secretary to the Curators of the Taylor Institution, 41 Wellington Square, OX1 2JF in writing by a college officer (normally the Senior Tutor) and should include a reasoned recommendation from the Spanish Tutor or college lecturer in Spanish. Applications will be considered in a gathered field exercise.

Applications will be considered from exhibitioners for grants to assist with the costs of travel, fees and any additional costs of subsistence, for appropriate courses in Spanish at approved institutions abroad. Courses involving longer stays abroad (i.e. a term or more) which are not supported by LEAs are not necessarily excluded. Courses should be related directly to the work of an Exhibitioner as an undergraduate.

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A Cecil Roth Memorial Prize for Italian Studies will be awarded, if there is a candidate of sufficient merit, in Trinity Term 2006 for an essay on an approved subject within the field of Italian art, history, or literature of the period from the end of the Roman Empire in the west until the end of the eighteenth century; it is recommended that the length of essay should not exceed 10,000 words. The value of the prize is £400. Two book prizes of £50 each may also be awarded. Applicants must be members of the University reading for a Final Honour School who, on 31 March 2006, will not have exceeded four years from the date of their matriculation.

All candidates must apply, through the Secretary, Taylor Institution, 41 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JF for approval of their intended essay subjects. In addition to other subjects, the judges are also willing to consider proposals which involve the use of material intended for theses, extended essays, etc., in Final Honour School examinations. Essays must be typed or word-processed in double-spacing on one side only of A4 paper, and must be submitted to the Secretary of the Taylor Institution not later than Friday of the third week of Hilary Term (Friday, 3 February 2006).

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Orlando Composition Prize

Christ Church is pleased to announce the inaugural competition of the Orlando Composition Prize, generously endowed by the parents of a former chorister of Christ Church Cathedral. The Competition, open to all graduates and undergraduates of the University of Oxford, is for an unaccompanied setting (SATB) of the Nunc Dimittis lasting no more than five minutes.

The first prize will be £500 and the winning piece will be performed by the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral during Evensong in the Cathedral on Saturday, 25 February 2006.

Entries, preferably produced on Sibelius, should be sent to Dr Stephen Darlington, Organist and Tutor in Music, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP, by Tuesday, 31 January.

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Richard Normann Prize

The Richard Normann Prize rewards outstanding insights into the service economy, value co-production, and business innovation and change. The Prize is intended to further the intellectual legacy of leading management thinker, Richard Normann.

The Prize for 2006 of £500 may be awarded to a doctoral student, an established academic, or a business practitioner, whose submission, in the opinion of the jury, does most to further that legacy.

The Prize Fund is held in trust by Templeton College, and the Prize will be awarded by the governing body of Templeton College, on the advice of a jury.

Further information may be obtained from

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