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Oxford University Gazette, 17 November 2005:
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Christ Church

HUGH NAPOLEON CANNON, 4 January 2005; Rhodes Scholar 1953. Aged 73.

JOHN MALCOLM GRIERSON, FCMA, FIBC, 29 April 2005; commoner 1954. Aged 71.

PROFESSOR ANGUS MCINTOSH, 25 October 2005; 1946; formerly Tutor in English. Aged 91.

LOUIS PAUL POJMAN, 15 October 2005; postgraduate 1972.

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Magdalen College

ARTHUR BARRY HAMILTON FELL, 26 January 2005; commoner 1954–7. Aged 71.

LEIGH GEORGE GILLETT, 5 October 2005; Michael Ashcroft Scholar 1978–82. Aged 46.

ANTHONY LIONEL GORDON, 3 October 2005; commoner 1971–3. Aged 58.

BENEDIKT SIGMUND JOHANNES ISSERLIN, 23 October 2005; commoner 1939–40 and 1942–3. Aged 89.

ANTHONY MAURICE MOON, 27 March 2001, commoner 1952–5. Aged 70.

STUART HARTLEY PARRY, September 2005; commoner 1934–7. Aged 89.

GEORGE SYDNEY SAYER, 20 October 2005; commoner 1933–7. Aged 91.

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Merton College

PROFESSOR DAVID MORTON HOLMES, 10 July 2005; commoner 1965–8. Aged 76.

PETER FRAMPTON WILSON, 27 June 2005; commoner 1962–5. Aged 61.

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St Hilda's College, Somerville College

MARY LAETITIA SOMERVILLE BENNETT (née Fisher), 1 November 2005; scholar, Somerville College, 1931–5; Principal, St Hilda's College, 1965–80, Honorary Fellow 1980–2005. Aged 92.

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Linacre College

A meeting to remember the life and work of THOMAS GILBERT HALSALL, MBE, MA (M.SC., PH.D. Manchester), Fellow and Emeritus Fellow of Linacre 1964–2005, Finance Bursar 1987–92, University Assessor 1969–70, formerly University Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 3 December, in the Dining Hall, Linacre College.

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St John's College

Opening of collection of medieval vestments

The college intends to open to the public its collection of medieval vestments on Saturday, 26 November, 2–5 p.m. The collection is displayed in the Garden Quadrangle and entrance, free of charge, will be via the Parks Road Lodge or the Main Lodge.

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