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Oxford University Gazette, 16 March 2006: Examinations and Boards

Changes in Regulations

With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, the following changes in regulations made by the Life and Environmental Sciences Board will come into effect on 24 March.

Life and Environmental Sciences Board

M.Phil. in Migration Studies

With effect from 1 October 2006 (for first examination in 2007)

1 In Examination Regulations, 2005, p. 638, ll. 36–8, delete 'Assessment... that year.' and substitute:

'Assessment of this paper will take place in the form of two written essays of a maximum of 4,000 words (excluding notes and bibliography) each on topics taught in the seminar that year.'

2 Ibid., p. 639, ll. 12–15, delete 'Assessment... take the form' and substitute:

'Assessment of this paper will take place in the form of one written essay of 5,000 words (excluding notes and bibliography) on a topic, chosen in consultation with the student's supervisor, that is not identical or similar to the student's thesis topic. The essays take the form'.

3 Ibid., delete ll. 22–5 and substitute:

'Candidates shall submit their essay to the Clerk of Schools by 12 noon on Monday of the ninth week of the Hilary Term of the second year of the course, accompanied by a statement that the essay is the candidate's own work except where otherwise indicated.'

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