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Oxford University Gazette, 15 December 2005: Notices


University of Oxford: Corporate Plan 2005--6 to 2009--10: final version

On 11 October, Congregation approved an amended resolution concerning the University's corporate plan for 2005--6 to 2009--10 (see Gazette, 13 October, p. 184).

The draft text of the corporate plan has now been finalised, incorporating a small number of minor revisions, and the final text can now be found at

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Barnett Professor of Social Policy

PETER ANTHONY KEMP (B.SC. Southampton, M.PHIL. Glasgow, D.PHIL. Sussex), Professor of Social Policy, and Director, Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 April 2006.

Professor Kemp will be a fellow of St Cross College.

Professor of Social Policy

ROBERT LLOYD WALKER (B.SOC.SCI. Bristol, M.SC., PH.D. London), Professor of Social Policy, University of Nottingham, and Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 April 2006.

Professor Walker will be a fellow of Green College.


The Mathematical and Physical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Physics on DR DAVID KEEN, ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, for a period of three years from 1 November 2005.


The Life and Environmental Sciences Board has approved the appointment of PROFESSOR J.A. HODGKIN, FRS, as Associate Head of the Department of Biochemistry, with immediate effect.

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Peter Beaconsfield Prize 2005: no award

The prize has not been awarded.

The following statement is published at the request of the Judges:

The Judges have decided not to award the Peter Beaconsfield Prize this year. As always, the research described by applicants was uniformly of high quality, but the Judges did not feel that applicants had adequately followed the criteria laid down by the donors of the Prize. Since this has been the case for many applications in recent years, the Judges are considering how to make these criteria better understood and more widely known. An announcement about this will be made early in the new year through the appropriate channels.

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