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Oxford University Gazette, 4 May 2006:
Colleges, Halls, and Societies


Christ Church

CHARLES DAVID RUNGE, FRAGS, February 2006; 1963. Aged 61.

Merton College

FRANCIS ANDREW ALLEN, MA, 17 March 2006; commoner 1952–5. Aged 73.

GEORGE GAVIN CARLYLE, MA, 1 April 2006; commoner 1937. Aged 88.

EDWARD JAMES DUDLEY CORY-WRIGHT, 4 March 2006; commoner. Aged 74.

HEDLEY WORTHINGTON DAVIS, MA, 3 March 2006; 1935–9. Aged 90.

LIM JOO HUNG, BA, December 2005; commoner 1973–6. Aged 51.

DONALD HENRY THOMPSON, MA, 13 March 2006; postmaster 1930–4. Aged 95.

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Oriel College

A Memorial Service for DR JOHN HOWARD SANDERS, Fellow of the college 1956–91, Senior Proctor 1962–3, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 6 May, in the chapel, Oriel College.

St Hugh's College

A Memorial Service for DR AVRIL BRUTEN, formerly Fellow of the college, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 13 May, in the chapel, St Hugh's College.

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Oriel College: Eugene Lee-Hamilton Prize 2006

The Provost and Fellows of Oriel College offer a prize of £60 for the best Petrarchan Sonnet in English submitted by an undergraduate of Oxford or Cambridge, on a subject to be chosen by the candidate. Enjambment between the eighth and ninth lines will be permitted.

No candidate may submit more than one sonnet, nor may the prize be awarded more than once to the same person. The competing sonnets should be sent to Mrs Yvonne Scott, The Academic Registrar, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW, not later than Friday 2 June 2006.

Each sonnet must be accompanied by a certificate from the Head or Fellow of the candidate's college, stating that the candidate is an undergraduate.

The winner will have been deemed to have given permission to publish his/her sonnet in the Oriel Record.

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