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Oxford University Gazette, 3 November 2005: Notices


Development of an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy for the Collegiate University: initial report from the Strategy Steering Group


1. Council has approved the commissioning of an ICT Strategy Steering Group (ICTSSG) which is charged with developing an ICT Strategic Plan. This report outlines the initial steps taken towards creating the Plan which will ensure a co-ordinated and coherent approach to the development, deployment and support of ICT services and infrastructure underpinning the collegiate University's teaching, learning, research and administrative systems. A further interim report will follow in January 2006, and it is intended that the ICT Strategic Plan should be put forward for approval to the ICT Committee (ICTC) and Council, and then to Congregation, starting in Trinity Term 2006.

ICT Strategy Steering Group

2. The ICTSSG, chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources), consists of staff from across the collegiate University as well as six externals. In close partnership with the University as a whole, the group will develop a Strategic Plan that will propose the policies and governance structure required in order to progress a new strategy. Detailed development and implementation of the strategy is intended to follow after a further period of consultation and in the light of the outcome of the University's review of governance.

3. The ICTSSG attaches very high importance to appropriate communication and consultation across the collegiate University. The Steering Group's membership, terms of reference and progress, together with fortnightly newsletters, are at

4. Eleven Work Task Groups have been formed to work on specific aspects of the strategy development. These include communication, governance, large scale budgetary requirements and evaluating the experiences of other leading UK universities. To ensure full-time support for this process, Professor Paul Jeffreys, previously the Director of OUCS, has been appointed Acting Director of ICT for the duration of the ICT Strategy Programme. Dr Stuart Lee has been appointed Acting Director of OUCS.

5. One of the Work Tasks is to consult and seek advice from the existing board and committee structures. Another is designed to collect the ICT requirements of the collegiate University. Should any individual or group wish to submit comments or suggestions to the ICTSSG, in particular with respect to the scope and direction of the Work Tasks, they are warmly encouraged to do so by e-mailing In addition, contributions can be made via an online 'Landscape Survey', which is available from until 18 November.

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