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Oxford University Gazette, 1 June 2006:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Hulme University Fund

The steering committee which makes recommendations for grants from the Hulme University Fund now invites applications for the 2006–7 awards.

Under the Scheme for the Hulme Fund, Brasenose College applies one-third of the income which it receives from the relevant trust for the promotion of education and research in the University by grants designed to relieve the special needs of university faculties or institutions or to promote the special purposes of any study or research pursued in or connected to the University. The college is required to have regard to proposals made by Council, whose approval is also required for grants.

Each year the committee decides on a particular theme and invites appropriate applications. The topic chosen for 2006–7 is 'Energy and the Environment'. Attention is drawn particularly to the restrictions of the fund to 'special needs' and 'special purposes': it is not intended to support normal departmental commitments or items which might properly be charged to general university funds. Nor for that matter does it support what might be classed as 'luxury items'. Applications should therefore make clear why the case is considered to be 'special' and a 'need'. The steering committee has decided that for the year 2006–7 grants will not exceed £6,000. It would be acceptable for a grant to be used as part of a package of support where funds for a particular project are drawn from different sources, and the committee will also consider applications where the ability to carry out the project is dependent on the success of funding applications still under consideration by other bodies.

Approved grants will be transferred into the care of an appropriate department or college. A detailed report of the completed project, together with the repayment of unused balance, must be submitted to the steering committee no later than the end of the academic year 2008–9.

The closing date is 7 July 2006, and the results of applications should be known the following term. Applications must be made in writing to the secretary of the steering committee, Mr A.D. Mann, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (e-mail:, giving details of the project, the costs involved, and any other sources of funding available or being sought.

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