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The Educational Policy and Standards Committee and the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division have established a joint committee to review the Department of Chemistry, as part of the University's procedures for the rolling review of faculties and departments.

The terms of reference are as follows:

1. To review progress made in response to the last General Board review (1996) and HEFCE teaching quality assessment (1993), and to identify any further action required in the light of changed circumstances since those reviews (including in particular the structural and operational unification of Chemistry).

2. To review the quality of academic activities in the department, by reference to international standards of excellence, and in the context of the University's mission statement and corporate plan. In particular:

(a) the quality of the research of the department, including its participation in interdepartmental, interdivisional and interdisciplinary activities, its research profile and strategy, and future challenges and opportunities;

(b) the quality of undergraduate and graduate programmes and their delivery and related issues, including: access and admissions; curriculum design and programme structure; teaching, learning, and assessment; the relationship between teaching and research; academic and pastoral support and guidance; the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources); specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies (including research degrees and research training and provision for part-time study); relationships with colleges; quality assurance mechanisms; arrangements for academic administration;

(c) the organisation of the department, its management and administrative structures, and the relationship between the department and the division, including such matters as: strategic planning; academic and non-academic staff planning and recruitment; student number planning; terms of appointment for academic staff, including career development and equal opportunities issues; accommodation and future space needs; fund- raising; support services;

(d) the relationship (structural and operational) between units within the department, and between the department and cognate subject areas and colleges to which it is linked in teaching and research.

3. To consider the current and long-term financial position of, and funding arrangements for, the department and its financial strategy.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

Dr W.D. Macmillan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chairman)

Professor Jeremy Sanders, FRS, University of Cambridge

Professor James Feast, FRS, University of Durham

Professor Anne Dell, FRS, Imperial College

Professor Graham Fleming, FRS, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Gerry Pattenden, FRS, University of Nottingham

Professor Mike Klein, FRS, University of Pennsylvania

Professor C.N.R Rao, FRS, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

Professor Ian Walmsley, Department of Physics

Dr John Brown, FRS, Department of Chemistry

Professor David Clary, FRS, Head of MPS Division

The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the secretary of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division, Ms M.A. Robertson, 9 Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PD (fax (2)82571, e-mail: maryann.robertson@mps.ox.ac.uk), by 10 December 2004.

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The title awarded to DR D. CHATTY, St Cross College, in the recent Recognition of Distinction exercise has been amended to Reader in Anthropology and Forced Migration.

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows.


                                                 Appointed by

Professor S.D. Iversen                           Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Principal of Lady Margaret Hall              ex officio
Professor J.I. Bell                              Council
Professor J. Collingridge                        Council
Professor E. Sim                                 Medical Sciences Board
Dr K. Fleming                                    Medical Sciences Board
Professor R. Flower                              Medical Sciences Board
Dr C.A.R. Boyd                                   Medical Sciences Board
Professor A.F. Brading                           Lady Margaret Hall
[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Sects. 10 and 11 of Stat. IX (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 108).

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