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Oxford University Gazette, 24 June 2005: Notices


Curators of the University Libraries

1. On 17 May 2005 Congregation approved the following Resolution without a division: 'Whereas Congregation recognises the need for reorganisation of Oxford University libraries, Congregation resolves that the Curators of the University Libraries present to Congregation a full report on their plans for reorganisation of the University's libraries in the short, medium and long-term.' Following discussion between the Chairman of the Curators and the principal proponents of the Resolution, the Curators propose to proceed as follows in addressing Congregation's concerns.

2. The Curators intend to make a number of reports to Congregation in response to the various issues identified in both the Resolution and the proposers' flysheet. They believe that this will be more effective than a single report in providing the appropriate amount of context and detail. A single report to Congregation, which, if it were to comply with statutory procedure, would have to be submitted by the end of Michaelmas Term 2005, could not be sufficiently informative on all of short-, medium-, and long-term plans, owing (i) to the dependence of key factors for developing library strategy on decisions yet to be taken outside the library sector, for example, the identification of which faculties will move to the Radcliffe Infirmary site, and (ii) to the as yet relatively early stage reached in developing other proposed aspects of library strategy, for example, refurbishment of the New Bodleian.

3. It is the Curators' intention that this initial sequence of reports, a schedule for the first of which is given below, should initiate systematic communication with Congregation on library developments via, amongst other media, the Gazette.

4. The first report, which will appear towards the end of September 2005, will document the proposed automated high-density book depository at Osney Mead, and describe its crucial importance both in resolving the current storage plight (which in 2005–6 will cost £15,000 per month in commercial storage) and as a key to unlock developments elsewhere in the OULS estate (reorganisation of the Radcliffe Science and Hooke Libraries, refurbishment of the New Bodleian, and a new library on the Radcliffe Infirmary site). A display of the plan will also be mounted for members of the University. A Resolution will then be put to Congregation on 18 October 2005 seeking approval for the allocation of a site for the depository. This September report will also give an indication of the timing of subsequent reports on the other key issues.

5. In advance of the publication of this first report, members of Congregation will find as a Supplement to this edition of the Gazette the latest version of the OULS strategic plan, Vision for 2010 , which contains a section on the outline estates strategy, and which was approved by the Curators on 13 June. It is also available electronically at

6. As stated earlier, the development of detailed proposals in other key areas of the estates strategy is less advanced than for the depository. The Curators have now established for each of the Central Bodleian, the proposed Radcliffe Infirmary Humanities/Area Studies Library, and the Radcliffe Science Library consultative groups which will comprise representation of the appropriate divisions and faculties, student representatives and OULS staff. It is hoped that as far as possible continuity of representation can be maintained over the planning period. Appointing bodies are also being asked to ensure cross-representation on the Central Bodleian and RI site groups. Membership of the groups will be published in the Gazette. The groups will of necessity be large, so it is intended that, although there should be regular plenary sessions, the groups will primarily function as e- mail lists. Where meetings are required, consideration will be given to whether the business can be conducted in smaller focus groups, subject to report to the parent group. There will, for instance, be a subgroup of the Central Bodleian group to look at Special Collections. It is envisaged that the first, plenary, meetings will be held in third or fourth week of Michaelmas Term.

Report of the Inquiry into the Library Resource Requirements to Support Slavonic and East European Studies in the University of Oxford

The Committee of Inquiry into the Library Resource Requirements to Support Slavonic and East European Studies in the University of Oxford presented its Report to the Curators of the University Libraries at their meeting on 13 June 2005. The report is now available to members of the University at

The Committee received eighty-seven submissions from members of the University and from the wider community, and these were carefully considered. It made eighteen recommendations about the scale and scope of acquisitions, the resources needed to support them, and the location of staff and collections. At their meeting on 13 June 2005 the Curators approved the Committee of Inquiry's eighteen recommendations, subject, in the case of those parts of recommendations 1 and 2 concluding that expenditure on materials should not be significantly reduced, to review by the Curators of allocations overall should subsequent application of the OULS Library Materials Allocation Method currently being developed indicate a significantly different outcome.

In recommendation 13 the Committee proposed that, if practicable and after discussion, the open-shelf material in the humanities from the Bodleian Slavonic Reading Room should be housed where the Modern Greek material is currently located in the Taylor Slavonic and Modern Greek Library. Initial discussions have already indicated that the open-shelf material can be accommodated without displacing the Modern Greek material from the Library.

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University Counselling Service

Vacation arrangements

The University Counselling Service will be open in tenth week from 9.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m., except on Tuesday, 28 June, when the service will close at 2 p.m. For the remainder of the Long Vacation the service will be open from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

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University Gazette

Publication arrangements

The remaining Gazettes of this academic year will be published on 30 June, 14 July, and 28 July. Publication for 2005–6 will begin on 22 September.

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The Mathematical and Physical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Inorganic Chemistry on PROFESSOR W.I.F. DAVID, MA, D.PHIL., C.PHYS., F.INST.P., FIMMM, Associate Director CCLRC Research Networks and ISIS Senior Fellow, ISIS Facility for a period of three years from 13 June 2005 until 12 June 2008.

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