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The terms of reference and the membership of the governance review have now been approved by Congregation and are set out below. The committee hopes to be able to report to Council for its meeting on 25 April 2005. Submissions from individual members of Congregation are now invited by the end of week 8 of Michaelmas Term (4 December 2004). They should be sent to the Secretary of Faculties and Academic Registrar (Mr A.P. Weale), University Offices, Wellington Square (e-mail: secretary.faculties@admin.ox.ac.uk).

In making submissions, members of Congregation are asked to keep particularly in mind part (a) of the terms of reference. They are also asked in addition to stand back as far as possible from their own concerns and reflect broadly on the operation of the collegiate University and, for example, whether the governance machinery allows a comprehensive overview to be maintained of all major areas of business so that priorities can be established and issues can be dealt with at the appropriate level. Governance might perhaps be defined as `the organisation necessary to enable an institution both to set its policies and objectives and to achieve them, and also to monitor its progress towards them'.

The terms of reference of Council, its major committees and of divisional boards may be found at http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/councilsec/gov/ccg.shtml.

Terms of reference

(a) Bearing in mind that the aims of the changes made in the University's governance arrangements in 2000 included

the committee should review the operation since 2000 of the governance machinery of the University to determine whether these aims have been achieved and to make recommendations to Council in the first instance for changes where necessary.

(b) The committee should pay particular attention

(c) The committee should keep in mind as far as is possible broader issues which may arise (whether from internal comment or externally) about university governance, while giving priority to its work under (a) and (b) above.

(d) Bearing in mind the University's tradition of democratic accountability


Principal of Somerville
Senior Proctor (Dr J.F. Wheater)
Professor K. Burnett
Mr B. Taylor
Professor D.J. Womersley

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In consultation with the Humanities Division, the Social Sciences Divisional Board has set up a committee to review the Honour School of PPE.

The review committee has been constituted as follows:

Mr D.A. Hay, Head of the Social Sciences Division
Mrs Lesley Brown, Somerville
Dr Simon Cowan, Department of Economics
Dr Mark Philp, Department of Politics and International Relations
Sir Derek Morris, Provost of Oriel
Professor Colin Seymour-Ure, University of Kent
Professor Penelope Mackie, University of Birmingham
Professor John Beath, University of St Andrews

The terms of reference of the review are:

The review committee invites submissions from interested parties. The committee will hold its main meeting on 9 November, and would be grateful if submissions could be sent to the secretary to the committee, Mr C.M.M. Shaw (Humanities divisional office, 34 St Giles' (e-mail: charles.shaw@admin.ox.ac.uk) by 2 November.

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Library Management System Project: recent developments

Oxford University Library Services (OULS) has begun a three-year project to introduce a new library management system (LMS). The present system, based on the GEAC Advance integrated library management system, was installed in 1996 and the supplier will not be developing or supporting it in the long-term. A new system will be implemented which will maintain high functionality in day-to-day operations, and especially in local developments such as the closed stack request capability, but which will also have the ability to integrate closely with the University's new administrative systems, the Virtual Learning Environment and a broad electronic information environment.

The procurement phase of the LMS project is being conducted under EU Public Procurement regulations and will be carried out through a two-stage `restricted tender' process beginning with a notice in the Official Journal at the end of October. OULS and other Oxford library staff are currently working on a Request for Proposal (RFP) document which will specify the Oxford requirements. The final RFP will be compiled by the end of December and distributed to a short-listed group of suppliers in early 2005. The deadline for bids from suppliers will be in mid-February. Bids and systems will be evaluated during March and April through a number of individual supplier demonstrations and visits to libraries that are using the systems under consideration. The aim is to award a contract for a new LMS by mid-May 2005. After a year-long period to carry out data migration, system testing and training, we will move from the current to the new system in August 2006.

The Project is being overseen by a Steering Group which is chaired by Ronald Milne, Acting Director of OULS; Erin Raynor, the LMS Project Manager, acts as Secretary. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been tasked to compile the detailed RFP specification for the individual LMS modules. The SIGs cover the following areas: acquisitions, authority control and catalogue maintenance, automated stack request, circulation, cataloguing, electronic resource management, interlibrary loan, non-roman scripts, OPAC, portals, serials, and systems. The Chairs of the SIGs make up the LMS Procurement Working Party, chaired by Erin Raynor.

Ms Raynor aims to incorporate the input of as many members of the University as possible as part of both the specification and evaluation process. Please send questions, input or feedback to erin.raynor@ouls.ox.ac.uk. More information about the project can be found on the LMS Web site at http://www.ouls.ox.ac.uk/lms.

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Queen's College

Organ Recitals

Organ recitals will be given at 1.10 p.m. on the following Wednesdays in the chapel, Queen's College. Admission is free, with a retiring collection. Further details may be found on the college Web site, http://www.queens.ox.ac.uk.

20 Oct.: Elizabeth Burgess, Christ Church.

27 Oct.: Robert Patterson, Queen's.

3 Nov.: Scott Ellaway, Keble.

10 Nov.: Greg Morris, Blackburn Cathedral.

17 Nov.: Rupert Jeffcoat, Coventry Cathedral.

24 Nov.: Timothy Hone, Salisbury Cathedral.

1 Dec.: Cynthia Hall, St Giles' Church.


THE CHOIR OF QUEEN'S COLLEGE and THE EGLESFIELD MUSICAL SOCIETY will perform a programme including Handel, The King shall rejoice, and Britten, Hymn to St Cecilia: A Wedding Anthem, at 8.15 p.m. on Thursday, 25 November, in the chapel, Queen's College. Admission by programme at the door (to reserve a programme e-mail: rosemary.rey@queens.ox.ac.uk).

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Council has approved the following appointments with effect from 1 August 2004 for a period of up to three years, during which the Director of University Library Services and Bodley's Librarian, Mr R.P. Carr, will commit himself full time to leadership of the £40 million target Capital Campaign for the University's libraries:

As Acting Director of University Library Services and Bodley's Librarian: R.R. MILNE, Fellow of Wolfson College

As Acting Deputy Director: D.E. PERROW, Fellow of St Cross College

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