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Green College, Kellogg College, and St Catherine's College

LAWRENCE PAUL BACHMANN, Distinguished MA status (BA USC), 7 September 2004; Distinguished Friend of Oxford 2001; Honorary Visiting Fellow, Green College, 1983--2004; Domus Fellow, St Catherine's College, 1990--2002; Honorary Visiting Fellow, Kellogg College, 1994--2004. Aged 92.

Kellogg College

BRIAN HITCH CMG, CVO, MA (MA Cambridge), FRCO, 3 August 2004; Director, Diploma in European Studies, 1991--6; Supernumerary Fellow 1991–6; Chamberlain 1994--6; Emeritus Fellow 1996--2004. Aged 72.

St Hugh's College

MRS MARJORIE LEWIS (née Buick), 3 September 2004; Mathematics 1927. Aged 95.

MRS ELIZABETH IRENE YOUNG (née Marshall), 16 September 2004; PPE 1935. Aged 88.

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University College

A Memorial Service for CLARE DRURY, Senior Tutor of University College, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Monday, 18 October, in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. To assist the college in seating arrangements it would be appreciated if those who wish to attend the service would contact the Master's Secretary in advance (telephone: Oxford (2)76600, e-mail:

After the service tea will be served in the Hall, University College.

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