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Oxford University Gazette, 14 July 2005: Notices



Clergy of the Church of England who are members of Congregation are required from time to time to elect a Proctor to the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury, to represent them in the General Synod.

An election is due to take place later this year, and it is desirable to draw up beforehand a register of the University's electors. A register was last prepared in Trinity Term 2000, and any members of Congregation who are Church of England clergy and who were not qualified electors at that time (or who are unsure about whether they were on the register) are asked to get in touch with Dr L.M. Biggs at the University Offices, Wellington Square, by 12 August 2005, giving their name (with initials and title) and college (or other address). The qualifying date (for being a member of the clergy and of Congregation) is that on which the current Convocation of Canterbury is dissolved (expected to be 12 July 2005). If anyone who would currently be qualified is likely to cease to be a member of Congregation in the next two or three months, he or she is asked to notify Dr Biggs, who would also welcome details of Church of England clergy who are likely to become members of Congregation in that period. Eligibility can then be ascertained. It should be noted that a university or college chaplain, if employed by the Diocese rather than the University or a college, will vote in the Diocesan constituency rather than the University constituency.

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