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Oxford University Gazette, 9 June 2005:
Prizes, Grants, and Funding


Vivien Leigh Prize

A prize of £300 is offered by the Ashmolean Museum from the Vivien Leigh Fund for a two-dimensional work of art on paper, not exceeding 55 by 40 centimetres, by an undergraduate member of the University. The work will be chosen, if a work of sufficient merit is submitted, by the Keeper of Western Art in the Ashmolean Museum or his nominee, from work submitted to the Print Room by Tuesday, 14 June, or work exhibited at the annual degree show at the Ruskin school of Drawing and Fine Art. It is a condition of the award that the winning work be given to the Ashmolean.

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The Peter Beaconsfield Prize is offered annually and can be competed for by students who have gone through the procedures for transfer to D.Phil. status in the current academic year.

As part of that procedure students are required to submit a 1,000-word essay on their research. This essay can form the basis of an application for the prize.

However, to be considered for the prize certain specific criteria need to be met.

These are, firstly, that in the opinion of the judges, the work done shows evidence of an interdisciplinary (multidisciplinary) approach, and secondly, that it has the potential for practical use some time in the future for the benefit of mankind.

In the context of the prize criteria the term interdisciplinary is used to indicate that a number of scientific techniques and attitudes are, or will need to be, employed in the development of the student's work.

So far as the benefit is concerned this may well be a somewhat tenuous concept now, but the writer should show clearly that he or she recognises that the work has practical applications rather than purely technical ones. These applications can be mentioned as beyond the expertise of the writer—now, or even at any time in his or her future.

Finally, the essay should be written in a way that is intelligible to an educated scientist, notwithstanding that the reader is not familiar with the subject of the research.

The prize is now worth £1,000.

To apply, three copies of entries (clearly marked 'Peter Beaconsfield Prize in Physiological Sciences'), should be submitted by Friday of the eighth week of Trinity Term (17 June) to the Graduate Studies Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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