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Oxford University Gazette, 2 June 2005: Appointments


Senior Research Fellowships

All Souls College intends to elect two Senior Research Fellows with effect from 1 October 2006 (or an agreed later date). One fellowship will be in Classical Studies, and one in Literature in the English Language (both subjects broadly conceived). The fellowships are open to women and men.

The college regards a Senior Research Fellowship as being of comparable academic standing to an Oxford University professorship, and applicants are expected to have a correspondingly distinguished record of achievement in research.

The primary duty of a Senior Research Fellow is to pursue a programme of advanced study and research in Oxford, approved by the college and at a level acceptable to it. Fellows are members of the governing body of the college and may be asked to serve on college committees and, for a limited period, to hold a college office. Leave of absence is granted on recommendation of the college's Academic Purposes Committee, which may allow fellows to work away from Oxford for up to one term in six, when this would be beneficial to their programme of study. In exceptional circumstances the college will entertain applications for further leave, of no more than three consecutive terms. Senior Research Fellows may take on other commitments, subject to discharging the obligations of their fellowship.

The college provides the fellowships to support programmes of research and requires fellows to report every two years on their work. The college does not tie fellows indissolubly to particular programmes and may permit fellows to vary them. Senior Research Fellowships are subject to renewal by the college every seven years. The college will renew the fellowship only on evidence of satisfactory achievement and on presentation of a satisfactory programme of research for the following seven years (or until retirement).

In accordance with the Education Reform Act 1988, retirement age is sixty- five for new fellows unless their present terms of appointment allow them to retire at sixty-seven. In that case their retirement age from All Souls will be sixty-seven.

The current stipend of Senior Research Fellows is £55,713* per annum on Scale A and £50,699* per annum on Scale B. To qualify for payment on Scale A in any academic year, a fellow must undertake to give not fewer than sixteen lectures or classes in the University in that year. These stipends are paid on condition that the fellow is engaged full-time on the research for which the fellow was elected, and should a fellow receive remuneration from other sources the college may adjust his or her stipend. Membership of USS is obligatory.

The college makes an academic allowance of up to £2,640;* and provides a study as well as luncheon and dinner without charge at the common table. Fellows can join the college health insurance scheme (a taxable benefit) and can apply for grants towards research expenses and the purchase of computing equipment. The college also makes a housing allowance of £4,929,* or may be able to provide free residential rooms in the college or its annexe.

Candidates for the Senior Research Fellowship should submit as part of their application a full curriculum vitae with a list of published work. They should also set out as clearly as possible the programme of research which they intend to pursue if elected to the fellowship, and the work which they plan to publish as a result of that research.

Candidates should ask three referees to write direct to the Warden by the closing date for applications, Monday, 12 September 2005. All correspondence should be marked 'Senior Research Fellowship'.

The college will tell candidates if they are on the final short-list during the week of Monday, 16 January 2006, and will invite them to dine in college on Saturday, 11 or on Saturday, 18 February. The election day is Saturday, 25 February, and the Warden will publish the result that day.

The college will not make an election unless suitable candidates apply. The college may seek out its own candidates.

*Reviewed each August.

Election to Fellowships by Examination

1. There will be an election at All Souls on Saturday, 5 November 2005 to not more than two Fellowships by Examination, if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves.

2. The examination is open to any candidate (male or female) who either (a) has passed all the examinations required by the University for the degree of BA or (b) has been duly registered for, or been awarded, a higher degree in the University (including BCL). The college will not normally admit to the Examination, however, candidates who will have passed their twenty-sixth birthday at the time of election, or who will then have completed ten or more terms since they qualified for the degree of BA, or first registered for a higher degree in the University. Candidates who are short-listed may be required to verify their date of birth.

3. The fellowships are for seven years and cannot be extended. They are open to those who intend to pursue an academic career, and the college pays the University fees of fellows registered for a higher degree. They are also open to those who, while intending to take up non-academic work (such as the practice of the law, politics, diplomacy, etc.), nevertheless wish to maintain and strengthen their links with academic life. In the case of the latter category it is possible for those pursuing a non-academic career to comply with the college's residential convention in the first year of fellowship by, for example, spending the weekends during term in college and the weekdays working in London.

4. During the first two years fellows receive a stipend, which they may supplement, of £12,321 per annum, and may be eligible for a housing allowance of £4,304. At the end of that period the fellowship will (with the approval of the college) be extended for a further five years, during which

(a) a fellow who decides to take up or continue non-academic work will receive a stipend of £2,376* per annum;

(b) a fellow who decides to take up or continue academic work will receive a stipend of £17,055* per annum, rising to £21,731* per annum if a certain amount of lecturing is undertaken; otherwise the stipend will be £15,520* per annum rising to £19,775* per annum, plus in each case a housing allowance of £4,929 per annum, if eligible.

Academic Fellows may draw on Academic Allowances up to £2,640 per annum.

5. A Fellow by Examination will be a member of the governing body and will be entitled to rooms, dinnersm and lunches without charge. A fellow is conventionally required to reside (or dine) in college for at least twenty-eight days in each academical term of the first year of tenure; but the college is prepared to consider deferment of this residence in exceptional cases.

6. Prospective candidates should apply to the Warden's Secretary for an application form and further particulars, including a statement of the college's policy on equality of treatment of candidates. See also the college's Web site: Completed forms together with a curriculum vitae should be sent to the Warden not later than 5 September 2005. Candidates must ask their Head of House or Senior Tutor to send a brief note to the Warden certifying that the applicant is a suitable candidate to sit the examination. Candidates who wish to be admitted to the examination notwithstanding the rules as to age and standing should communicate with the Warden. All correspondence should be marked 'Fellowship Examination'.

7. The Warden and the Chairman of Assistant Examiners will meet candidates whose applications have been accepted on Wednesday, 28 September, at 4 p.m. and will answer any questions.

8. The examination will be held in the college Hall, starting on 29 September at 9.30 a.m. and ending on 1 October at 12.30 p.m. (except for candidates who take the Classical Studies papers—see para. 10 below).

9. The examination will consist of five papers of three hours each:

Two papers in Law, History,+ Philosophy, Economics, Politics, English Literature, or Classical Studies;+

Two General Papers;

An Essay.

10. Candidates who take the Classical Studies papers will be required to take a Translation paper at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 1 October.

Candidates may answer questions from one paper only. However, they may ask to see more than one paper in any specialist session of the Examination. The college thinks this may be helpful to candidates who have done the Joint Honour Schools.

Specimen papers from previous years may be seen in college on application to the Warden's Secretary or the fellows' Secretary.

11. A viva of short-listed candidates will be held in the presence of the fellows of the college on Saturday, 29 October, commencing at 10 a.m. The vivas are about the candidates' scripts and issues raised by them. All short- listed candidates will be expected to dine in college that evening.

*Reviewed each August.

+The History papers will cover: Paper I: political, constitutional and ecclesiastical history; Paper II: social, economic and cultural history. Each paper will contain a section of questions on History of the Ancient World. The two papers on Classical Studies will contain questions on Ancient History and Classical Literature.