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CONGREGATION 21 October 2003

Approval of nomination of `external' members of the Council of the University

The nomination by Council, under the provisions of section 4 (7)–(10) of Statute VI (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, as amended by the statute approved by Congregation on 15 October 2002 and subsequently by Her Majesty in Council, Gazette, Vol. 133, pp. 183, 250, 1335), of DAME PAULINE NEVILLE-JONES and MR BERNARD TAYLOR as members of Council for three and four years respectively from Michaelmas Term 2003 was declared approved.

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

$Aring;berg, Y., Nuffield

Alexander, J.H., Linacre

Bacic, M., Lincoln

Bañares-Alcántara, R., New College

Bluedorn, J.C., Nuffield

Bradley, L.J.R., MA, M.St., Merton

Brett, M., Somerville

Casas-Arce, P., Nuffield

Cella, M., Nuffield

Clegg, D.H., Faculty of Social Studies

Cross, J.G.E., Christ Church

Doran, B.R., Linacre

Duttlinger, C., Wadham

Glasziou, P.P., Kellogg College

Gupta, R.M., M.St., Linacre

Hafner-Burton, E., Nuffield

Hedström, M.P.E., Nuffield

Herz, L.M., Brasenose

Hinch, R., M.Phys., Brasenose

Jezzard, P.H., University

Jones, N.D., D.Phil., Trinity

Kelemen, R.D., Lincoln

Krebs, T., BCL, D.Phil., Brasenose

Kristensen, J., Magdalen

Liverman, D.M., Linacre

McDonagh, J., Linacre

Nuttall, J.A., BA, Merton

Paxton, C., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Pearce, M.-J., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Pekkarinen, T., Nuffield

Petrie, C.A., Somerville

Pybus, O.G., D.Phil., Linacre

Quattrone, P., Christ Church

Romero Morales, M.D., St Cross

Rubenstein, D.I., Balliol

Sedlmaier, R.A., Wadham

Soutsane, K., Faculty of Oriental Studies

Stoodley, C.J., University

Thrift, N.J., Faculty of Anthropology and Geography

Tyson, C.J., Nuffield

Varese, F., Linacre

von der Heyden, C.J., Brasenose

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