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Arrangements concerning representations on any matter currently before Congregation are set out in `University Agenda'. Notices to which a response is invited may also be found under `General Notices' below.


On behalf of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will chair a committee to review the Department of Social Policy and Social Work. the committee's terms of reference are:

(a) To review the educational policy and quality of learning and teaching in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work by reference to international standards of excellence, taking into account, in the context of the University's mission statement and corporate plan, all factors relevant to the department's practice and achievement in respect of: access and admissions; curriculum design and course structure; teaching, learning, and assessment and, in particular, the relationship between teaching and research; academic and pastoral support and guidance; the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources); specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies (including research degrees and research training) and part-time study; and relationships with colleges.

(b) To report and make recommendations to the Educational Policy and Standards Committee (EPSC) and the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) for consideration in consultation with the Divisional Board. the report, or relevant sections of it, will be sent to the Academic Committee of the Conference of Colleges for information and comment to EPSC/PRAC.

The membership of the Review Committee is:

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic)—Dr W.D. Macmillan (Chairman)

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York

Professor Dr. Stephan Leibfried, University of Bremen

Professor Jane Millar, University of Bath

Mr Michael Noble, Green College

Professor Brian Sheldon, University of Exeter

The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the secretary to the review committee, Mr R.O. Hughes, University Offices, Wellington Square, by Friday, 5 December.

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It is regretted that in the Vice-Chancellor's Oration, published as Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4671 (pp. 129–135), the name of Professor R.A. Cowley, Dr Lee's Professor of Experimental Philosophy, was erroneously included in the list of professors who have retired in the previous academic year.

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English for Academic Studies: EFL Intensive Courses in Week 9 (8–12 December)

The Language Centre is offering two intensive courses in English for Academic Studies in Week 9.

Key issues in academic writing is a fifteen-hour intensive course designed to enable those with busy schedules to take the academic writing course in a more convenient form. the programme covers the material given in the Michaelmas term-time course. Course fee: £95. Monday–Friday, 9.30 a.m.--12.45 p.m.

Writing a research article in English is a ten-hour intensive course offering the opportunity to improve skills in writing a research article for publication in an academic journal. Course fee: £65. Monday–Friday, 2–4.15 p.m.

French, Italian, and Spanish: `catch up'—`brush up' courses in Week 9 (8–12 December)

The Language Centre is also offering a series of sixteen-hour intensive courses in French, Italian, and Spanish in week 9 for those still on waiting lists and for those who wish to refresh their language skills. Courses will be available for beginners in all three languages and at more than one level in French and Spanish. Please check the Centre's Web site for details of the times and levels on offer. Course fee: £35 students, £45 staff, £75 non-members of the University.

Note: for most courses participants will be expected to purchase the textbook currently in use.

Further details of all courses and activities may be obtained from Angela Pinkney, Information Officer, at the Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: (2)83360, e-mail:, Web pages:

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McDonnell Visiting Fellowships

The McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience is closely integrated with the Medical Research Council Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford and supports work on many aspects of brain research relevant to human cognition in several departments at Oxford University as well as at other institutions.

The McDonnell Centre encourages work in all areas of cognitive neuroscience across all relevant disciplines and embraces research on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies of perceptual analysis, memory, language, and motor control, including philosophical approaches to cognition. Current and fuller information on the Centre is available on the Web at

The Centre offers several forms of support including Visiting Fellowships for distinguished researchers from overseas or elsewhere in Britain who wish to work within the Oxford Centre for periods between a week and several months. A Visiting Fellowship can include a modest grant to help with costs of travel and accommodation (but not a stipend), and to pay a bench fee to the host department.

Applications for Visiting Fellowships may be submitted either by a member of the Oxford Centre, or by the intended visitor. There is no special form for applications but they should include the following information: name, address, and status of applicant (in the form of a very brief curriculum vitae); names and addresses of collaborators in Oxford; a brief description (a page or two) of the proposed research; a list of any publications that have already resulted from the area of research; an outline plan of visit/s and expenditure, with total estimated budget, other sources of funding and the amount requested

Applications can be submitted at any time (e-mail is acceptable) to Sally Harte (Administrative Secretary), McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: Oxford (2)72497, fax: (2)72488, e-mail:

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Technology Transfer

Ewert House, Ewert Place, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7SG

Isis Innovation Ltd is the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, commercialising the research generated within and owned by the University. Established in 1988, Isis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University, founded to evaluate, protect, and market the University's intellectual property (where there are no pre-existing exploitation arrangements). In 2002, Oxford University Consulting became part of Isis, matching business consulting needs with University researchers. Isis provides researchers with commercial advice, funds patent applications and legal costs, negotiates exploitation and spin-out company agreements, and identifies and manages consultancy opportunities for University researchers. Isis works on projects from all areas of the University's research activities including the life sciences, physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Isis welcomes contact from any researcher interested in technology transfer and consultancy opportunities. Visit to learn more about Isis' activities, including its portfolio of technologies and spin-out companies, and to see the `Information for Oxford Researchers' resource.

For more information contact one of Isis' Group Heads: Linda Naylor, Life Sciences (telephone: (2)80910, e-mail:; David Baghurst, Physical Sciences (telephone: (2)80858, e-mail:; or Mark Taylor, Business Innovation and Consulting (telephone: (2)80824, e-mail:

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JEAN-LOUIS LEUTRAT, Professor at the University of Paris III and Director of the Centre de Recherche sur les Images et leurs Relations (CRIR), has been appointed to the Visiting Professorship of French for the academic years 2003–5.

Professor Leutrat will be a fellow of Wadham College.

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The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Public Health Epidemiology on K. MCPHERSON (BA Cambridge, PH.D. London), recently retired from the Professorship of Public Health Epidemiology, University of Bristol, and now providing non-stipendiary support to the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, for a period of three years from 1 December 2003.

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Cancer Prevention Control on P. BOYLE (B.SC., PH.D. Glasgow), currently Director, World Health Organisation Collaborative Disease Centre for Statistical Modelling in the Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases, for a period of three years from 1 December 2003.

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DR SUSAN E.C. WALKER, BA, M.PHIL. (PH.D. London), FSA, Deputy Keeper, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, the British Museum, has been appointed to the Keepership with effect from 1 April 2004.

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