Oxford University Gazette, 20 May 2004: University Agenda

University Agenda

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1 Encaenia

Mr Vice-Chancellor invites Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Houses, holders of the Oxford Degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Civil Law, Medicine, Letters, Science, and Music, the Proctors, the Assessor, the Public Orator, the Professor of Poetry, the Registrar, the outgoing President of the Oxford University Student Union, and the Presidents of the Junior and Middle common rooms of University College, Corpus Christi College, and St Hugh's College (as being the colleges of the Proctors and the Assessor) to partake of Lord Crewe's Benefaction to the University, meeting him in the Hall of Brasenose College at 10.45 a.m. on Wednesday, 23 June. Thence they will go in procession to the Sheldonian Theatre, where will be spoken the Oration in Commemoration of the Benefactors of the University according to the intention of the Right Honourable Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham.

Note. Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Houses, and Doctors who propose to accept Mr Vice-Chancellor's invitation, and to be present in the Sheldonian Theatre, are requested to inform his Secretary at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70243; e-mail: alison.miles@admin.ox.ac.uk), not later than Wednesday, 16 June. They are reminded that, while academic dress of other universities may (if desired) be worn at the Encaenia Garden Party, the appropriate Oxford academic dress should always be worn at the partaking of Lord Crewe's Benefaction and at the Encaenia Ceremony.

2 Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Civil Law

SIR MARTIN WOOD, KT, OBE, FRS (MA Cambridge), Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, Honorary Student of Christ Church, founder and Honorary President, Oxford Instruments, and founder of the Oxford Trust

THE RT HON THE LORD WOOLF (LL.B. London), Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Doctor of Letters

PROFESSOR JOESPH STIGLITZ (BA Amherst, PH.D. MIT), Professor of Economics and Finance, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

PROFESSOR DAME MARILYN STRATHERN, DBE, FBA (MA, PH.D. Cambridge), Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge and William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge

Doctor of Science

PROFESSOR SUZANNE CORY, FRS (B.SC., M.SC. Melbourne, PH.D. Cambridge), Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Director of, and Professor of Medical Biology at, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne

PROFESSOR SIR ALEC JEFFREYS, MA, D.PHIL, FRS, Honorary Fellow of Merton College, Royal Society Wolfson Research Professor, University of Leicester

PROFESSOR AHMED H. ZEWAIL (B.SC., MS Alexandria, PH.D. Pennsylvania), Linus Pauling Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology

¶ Arrangements for admission to the Sheldonian Theatre, which will be by ticket only, are published in `Notices' below.

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