Oxford University Gazette, 15 July 2004: Prizes, Grants, and Funding

Prizes, Grants, and Funding

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Applications are invited for up to two Scholarships of Can$12,000 per annum plus full tuition fees to provide two years of postgraduate study at a Canadian University. The scholarships are financed by private donations from Canadian Rhodes Scholars in recognition of the advantages they have enjoyed through the Scholarships established by Cecil Rhodes.

Applicants must be unmarried Oxford graduates who took Finals in June 2004 or Oxford undergraduates taking Finals in June 2005, who are United Kingdom nationals. They are required to present written evidence of their suitability for advanced work in Canada. The successful applicants must undertake to arrive in Canada by 1 September 2005; they will be expected to meet their own transportation costs to and from Canada but there is $1,000 grant for travel within Canada.

As in the case of Rhodes Scholars, Foundation Scholars will be selected on criteria of personality and extra-curricular interests in addition to academic excellence. They are expected to return home upon completion of their studies in Canada.

The scholarships are tenable at any Canadian University. Intending applicants are strongly advised to approach the university of their choice concerning admission in advance of the selection procedure.

There are no application forms. Enquiries and applications should be addressed to the Warden, Rhodes House, Oxford OX1 3RG. and should be submitted before 15 November.

Applications should be accompanied by: a brief curriculum vitae; a typewritten statement covering academic and other interests, desired field of study in Canada and estimated time required, intended career, etc.; and a letter of recommendation from the head of the applicant's College, together with two references from tutors or supervisors stating the applicant's qualifications for advanced work in his/her particular field at a Canadian University.

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