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The Higher Education Funding Council for England is again inviting institutions to nominate candidates for the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS). The scheme is intended to recognise and reward `excellence as a teacher and facilitator of students' learning'. The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme was run for the first time in 2000. This year for the first time there will be three routes to a National Teaching Fellowship: thirty awards for `Experienced Staff' who have been teaching for more than six years, ten awards for `Rising Stars' who have been teaching for fewer than six years in Higher Education, and ten awards for `Learning Support Staff'. Each award will continue to be to the value of £50,000. Awards are intended to enable fellowship holders to carry out a project during their fellowship year that contributes to the development and dissemination of good practice in learning and teaching.

Initial selection of nominees is to be carried out by the institution. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) is accordingly now inviting applications from individuals who wish to be considered for nomination to any one of the three categories of award. The University's nominees will be selected in accordance with the criteria specified by the NTFS, and one nomination may be made in each category. The closing dates for submission of nominations by the institution are Friday, 5 March, for the `Experienced Staff' category of award, and Friday, 16 April, for the `Rising Stars' and `Learning Support Staff' categories. In view of this, the closing date for individual submissions to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will be Friday, 6 February.

Extensive information about the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme may be found on the scheme's Web site ( Completed submissions, prepared in the format specified by the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, should be sent in hard copy to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic), c/o Richard Hughes, University Offices, Wellington Square by, at the latest, Friday, 6 February.

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The Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund invites applications from members of the University for grants towards the costs of research in economic history. Applications will be considered from undergraduates, graduate students, and members of the academic staff, and may relate to research into the economic history of any period or country.

Applicants should (a) provide sufficient information about the general nature of their research to establish that it falls within the field of economic history; and (b) specify the precise nature and cost of the expenditure for which a grant is requested. They should also give the name of one referee who might be consulted by the committee.

It is intended by the committee that grants should normally be made for sums of up to £250, though this may on occasion be exceeded. Retrospective grants will be made only in exceptional circumstances.

The committee will consider applications twice each year. The closing date for the first round is Monday of the third week of Hilary Term, and for the second round Monday of the third week of Trinity Term. Applications should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford.

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