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THE HON. GARETH EVANS, President, the International Crisis Group, and formerly Foreign Minister of Australia, will deliver the Cyril Foster Lecture at 5 p.m. on Monday, 10 May, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `When is it right to fight? Rethinking the jurisprudence of military force.'

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Unravelling averages in complex molecular systems

PROFESSOR GRAHAM FLEMING, University of California at Berkeley, will deliver the Hinshelwood Lectures at 11.15 a.m. on the following days in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.

Convener: Professor J. Klein.

Tue. 27 Apr.: `Time, colours, and distance: watching molecules become solvated.'

Thur. 29 Apr.: `The photon echo: remembering how to forget the averages.'

Tue. 4 May: `The primary step of photosynthesis: averaging over just about everything.'

Thur. 6 May: `Design principles and regulation of light harvesting: making use of unaveraged information.'

Thur. 13 May: `Multidimensional spectroscopy I: probing deeper into averages.'

Tue. 18 May: `Multidimensional spectroscopy II: all there is to know? Full 2D spectra.'

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G.E. Blackman Lecture

PROFESSOR PETER H. RAVEN, Washington University, St Louis, USA, will deliver the G.E. Blackman Lecture at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 30 March, in the Large Lecture Theatre, the Department of Plant Sciences. Further details may be obtained from Mrs D. Turnbull-Smith (e-mail: diane.turnbull-smith@plants.ox.ac.uk).

Subject: `Plants, sustainability, and our common future.'

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Forms of cultural activity in Fascist Italy

This workshop will be held on Thursday, 18 March, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., in the Modern European History Research Centre, the Modern History Research Unit, the Radcliffe Infirmary (directions and a map can be found at http://www.history.ox.ac.uk/research.unit.htm).

Conveners: Professor Peter Hainsworth and Mr Jorge Dagnino.

PROFESSOR D. FORGACS, UCL: `Fascism as culture.'

PROFESSOR HAINSWORTH: `Literary culture in Fascist Italy.'

DR F. PELLEGRINI: `Women writers in inter-war Italy.'

PROFESSOR C. WAGSTAFF, Reading: `Cinema in Mussolini's era.'

DR T. ABSE, Goldsmiths' College, London: `Workers' mentalities and culture.'

DR C. BURDETT, Bristol: `Italian travel writers and the Spanish Civil War.'

MR DAGNINO: `Catholic intellectuals during Fascist Italy.'

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The future of the humanities

This two-day conference will be held in St Hugh's College, 19--20 March.

The aim of the conference is to assess the changes that have taken place in the Humanities in the last thirty-five years and to consider what the future of the Humanities might be in the twenty-first century. The Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) organized the first such conference in 1968 as part of its fiftieth anniversary celebrations, the proceedings being published in J.C. Laidlaw (ed.), The Future of the Modern Humanities (1969). Now the European Humanities Research Centre of the University of Oxford, in conjunction with the MHRA, and other relevant bodies, is organising this follow-up conference to examine the enormous changes that have taken place in the Humanities since 1968, and to outline the implications for the future. In order to do this, major authorities on the Humanities have been invited to speak, and a wide range of topics will be covered, including Humanities and the universities, the Humanities and Europe, visual culture, ICT in the Humanities, the media and the Humanities. The conference acknowledges the support of the Europaeum and the Modern Languages Faculty of Oxford University, and of the MHRA.

Information concerning registration can be obtained from Ms Avery Willis (e-mail: avery.willis@ehrc.ox.ac.uk, telephone: Oxford (2)844683). Details can also be found at www.ehrc.ox.ac.uk.

Friday, 19 March

9.45--10.30 a.m.: Humanities and the modern university

Speakers: Malcolm Bowie (Cambridge) and Martin McLaughlin (EHRC); Ludmilla Jordanova (Cambridge: CRASSH); Reindert Falkenberg (Leiden); and Annie Cot (Paris 1-Sorbonne)

11 a.m.--1 p.m.: ICT in the humanities

Speakers: David Robey (AHRB); Marilyn Deegan (King's College, London); Alan Bowman (Oxford); Amanda Wrigley (Oxford); Robert MacNamee (Oxford); and Michael Fraser (Humbul, OUCS).

2.30--4.30 p.m.: Humanities and Europe

Speakers: Edward Acton (UEA); Edith Hall (Durham); Joseph Sherman (Hebrew Studies); and Alexis Tadié (Maison Française d'Oxford).

5–6 p.m.: Keynote address

John Frow (Edinburgh): `The future of the humanities.'

Saturday, 20 March

9--10.30 a.m.: Humanities and national bodies

Speakers: Michael Jubb (AHRB); Peter Brown (British Academy); and Malcolm Cook (MHRA).

11 a.m.--12.30 p.m.: The humanities and outreach

Speakers: Christopher Brown (Ashmolean Museum); Valentine Cunningham (Corpus Christi College); and Bill Swainson (Bloomsbury Publishing)

12.30--1 p.m.: Round-table discussion

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Leonard Stein Lectures

PROFESSOR PETER SLUGLETT, University of Utah, will deliver the Leonard Stein Lectures at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 13 May, and Thursday, 20 May, in the Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College.

Subject: `Whose sacred trust? Some reflections on the implementation and legacy of the British and French Mandates in the Middle East.'

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HUMPHREY CARPENTER will read passages from Alice in Wonderland, at 12.30 p.m. on Sunday, 28 March, in Christ Church Picture Gallery. The event is related to the gallery's current exhibition, `Alice's Adventures Under Ground'.

Admission is free, but as the number of places is limited, advance booking is advised (telephone: Oxford (2)76172). After the event, from 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., normal entrance fees will apply.

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Don Fowler Lecture

DR ANDREW LAIRD, Reader in Classical Literature, Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick, will deliver the Don Fowler Lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 13 May, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `Recognising Virgil.'

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Asian Studies Centre

DR YONGMING ZHOU, Wisconsin–Madison, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 18 March, in the Dahrendorf Room, the Founder's Building, St Antony's College.

Convener: Dr Steve Tsang.

Subject: `Negotiating power online: party-state, intellectuals, and the Internet in contemporary China.'

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