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Changes in Regulations

Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 24 October.

Committee to Review the Salaries of Senior University Officers

In Council Regulations 15 of 2002 (made by Council on 26 June 2002, amended 11 July 2002, 25 July 2002, and 31 October 2002; Gazette, Vol. 132, pp. 1402, 1461, 1545; Vol. 133, p. 352), delete regulations 3.67, 3.68, 3.69, and 3.70 and substitute:

`3.67. The Committee to Review the Salaries of Senior University Officers shall consist of:

(1) the High Steward who shall chair the committee

(2) the Chair of the Audit Committee

(3) the Senior Proctor

(4), (5) two external members of Council, appointed by Council

(6) the head of another University or equivalent institution of higher education appointed by Council

(7), (8) two other persons appointed by Council on the occasion of each review, at least one of whom should be appointed from among the members of Council and neither of whom should be either a functional Pro-Vice-Chancellor or a Head of Division.

3.68. Appointed members of the committee shall cease to serve if they cease to hold the office by virtue of which they were eligible for appointment to the committee, and no person in categories (4), (5), or (6) shall serve on the committee for more than six years in total.

3.69. (1) The committee shall in the calendar year 2004 and every two years thereafter review, and then make recommendations to Council on, the salaries to be paid to the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar, and such other senior officers of the University as Council may from time to time determine.

(2) The committee shall also carry out such reviews at any other time if requested by Council to do so.

3.70. In carrying out such reviews the committee shall consider whether there have been any significant changes in the duties of, or any significant developments associated with, the offices concerned since the salaries of the holders of the offices were last determined; and solicit the views of the office holders concerned and, where appropriate, of the officers to whom they are responsible. Office holders shall be given explanation of the decisions taken if they request it.

[This change revises the procedure for reviewing the salaries of senior University officers to make it more representative of Council while ensuring that no member of the committee has a vested interest in its recommendations; increases the frequency of review from every two to every three years; and brings the committee's procedures in line with those of other University bodies concerned with salary review.]

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1 Oration by the Vice-Chancellor

Mr Vice-Chancellor addressed the House.

¶ The text of the Oration will be published shortly as a Supplement to the Gazette.

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2 Admission of Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The following persons were nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to be his deputies for the year 2003–4 and were admitted to office:

W.D. MACMILLAN, MA (B.SC., PH.D. Bristol), Fellow of Hertford College (Academic)

PROFESSOR P.A. SLACK, MA, D.PHIL., Principal of Linacre College (Academic Services and University Collections)

PROFESSOR S.D. IVERSEN, MA, D.PHIL., D.SC. (MA, PH.D., SC.D. Cambridge), Fellow of Magdalen College (Planning and Resource Allocation)

SIR PETER NORTH, CBE, QC, DCL, Principal of Jesus College

PROFESSOR A.M. CAMERON, CBE, MA (PH.D. London), Warden of Keble College

SIR ALAN BUDD, MA, D.PHIL. (B.SC. London; PH.D. Cambridge), Provost of Queen's College

DAME RUTH DEECH, DBE, MA (MA Brandeis), Principal of St Anne's College

R.W. AINSWORTH, MA, D.PHIL., Master of St Catherine's College

DAME FIONA CALDICOTT, DBE, BM, B.CH., MA, Principal of Somerville College

R.G. SMETHURST, MA, Provost of Worcester College

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3 Admission of Clerks of the Market

W. HAYES, MA, D.PHIL. (M.SC., PH.D. Dublin), Honorary Fellow of St John's College, nominated by the Chancellor, and M.H. KEEN, MA, D.PHIL., FBA, FSA, F.R.HIST.S., Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, were admitted to office as Clerks of the Market for the year 2003–4.

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Bayley, J.H.P., MA, Hertford

Bowdler, C.C., BA, Nuffield

Bowsher, C.G., MA, Nuffield

de Bakker, M.P., M.St., Wadham

Edgington, D.M.D., B.Phil., MA, Magdalen

Forrest, I.J., D.Phil., All Souls

Foster, B., D.Phil., Balliol

Gabrys, B.J., M.Sc., Kellogg College

Harrison, E.K., Nuffield

Humphries, S.N., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Trinity

Lewis, C.A., D.Phil., Christ Church

McMillan, A., Nuffield

Moreno, A.E., Magdalen

Morris, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Munro, V.E., St Hilda's

Norman, T.W., BA, All Souls

Nunziata, L., M.Phil., Nuffield

Redwood, J.A., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Reed-Tsocha, K., M.Litt., D.Phil., Trinity

Rittberger, B., D.Phil., Nuffield

Silverman, B.W., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Peter's

Vogenauer, S., M.Jur., Brasenose

Wood, J.G., University Surveyor's Office

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 24 October, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

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