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Studentships in Cognitive Neuroscience

A limited amount of money from the McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience is available to support one or more research students working in Oxford.

The following categories of support might be available:

Candidates must be working in the area of cognitive neuroscience and preference will be given to applications for interdisciplinary projects that involve joint supervision, and which will stimulate collaboration between two or more groups associated with the McDonnell Centre.

Applications are invited from members of the Centre on behalf of prospective or existing students who will be under their academic supervision. To apply, the supervisor should write briefly, enclosing the candidate's curriculum vitae and any supporting material, and stating clearly the level of funding sought and the reasons. A statement should be provided about other sources of funding, especially in the case of students who will need additional funding, beyond the period of a McDonnell award, to complete their DPhil. Applications should be sent to Sally Harte, Oxford Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: Oxford (2)72497, e-mail: The application deadline is Monday, 19 April.

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A fund has been established to commemorate the contribution of Professor Kenneth Kirkwood to the African Educational Trust/Scholarships and St Antony's College. Professor Kirkwood was Rhodes Professor of Race Relations at the University from 1955 to 1986 and co-ordinator of African Studies at St Antony's College. The fund is managed by the Africa Educational Trust.

Applications are invited from postgraduate students in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Geography registered at UK universities from Southern Africa (including South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and Malawi). Preference will be given to students registered at St Antony's College. The fund is initially to be devoted to cases of hardship or unexpected financial difficulties for students who are completing postgraduate degrees. The period for which application can be made is April 2004 to March 2005.

St Antony's students should apply to Ulli Parkinson, St Antony's College. Others should apply to the Director, Africa Educational Trust, 38 King Street, London WC2E 8JS. Applications should include a short statement about research and progress, a brief confirmation of this from a supervisor, and a short explanation of the need for funding. Initial grants are likely to be in the region of £500. The closing date for applications is 19 March.

Should sufficient money be raised, this fund will be used for larger scholarships for students from the region. Any suggestions concerning fund-raising should be sent to Polly Friedhoff, Development Office, St Antony's College.

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The Timothy Bailey Trust has been set up in memory of Timothy Bailey, a Biology graduate of Christ Church. It aims to provide financial support to students of Oxford University to assist them in undertaking any extra-curricular project or expedition relating to the Biological Sciences. Generally a single Scholarship will be awarded each year, on a competitive basis.

Applicants should produce a written proposal of 500--1,000 words stating clearly: (a) the background to, and aims of, the activity; (b) how a successful outcome to the activity will contribute to our knowledge and understanding of any aspect of Biology; (c) detailed work plans for a successful outcome; (d) how, in the event of a successful application, the award will contribute to this outcome.

Timothy Bailey was especially interested in Evolution, Entomology, and Developmental Biology and applications in any or all of these areas are especially encouraged, although this is not an essential requirement.

It is expected that applicants will normally be individuals, including those going on University Expeditions with others. Exceptionally expeditions may also be considered for joint funding although this is not preferred.

Three copies of each application should be addressed as follows: the Timothy Bailey Scholarship, c/o Professor Sarah Randolph, Department of Zoology, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PS.

Applications must be received on or before Friday of first week of Trinity Term (30 April) and decisions will be reached and communicated to the successful applicants by the end of sixth week of Trinity Term (4 June). Candidates who have not heard by the start of the seventh week of Trinity Term must assume they have been unsuccessful.

Entries will be judged by the Trustees, whose decision is final. Currently the Trustees are Dr Mark Bailey and Mr Greg Payne. The Timothy Bailey Scholarships will be to a value of approximately £500. In the event of joint winners the Trustees will divide this sum between them.

The winning applicant(s) will be expected to acknowledge the support of the Timothy Bailey Trust in any reports or scientific papers arising from any activity supported by the Trust. They should also provide a written report of no more than 2,000 words to the Trustees upon completion of the research and travel supported.

Information regarding the life and interests of Timothy Bailey, plus further details on the Trust, can be found at

It is hoped that this award can be made for a number of years into the future, depending upon the funds available to the Trustees.

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The prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation or thesis submitted as part of any postgraduate degree in Law (BCL, M.Jur., M.Phil., M.St., M.Litt., or D.Phil.) on a subject broadly connected with the law or practice of trade marks, unfair competition, or branding, as judged by a panel comprising one member of the Faculty of Law, and one intellectual property lawyer, appointed by the chairman of the faculty board. The value of the prize is £500 to the student, plus £250 to the library of the student's college. The prize may not be awarded more than once to any one student.

To be considered, dissertations must be of a sufficient standard to merit the award and this will normally be of a standard to at least warrant a distinction. To be considered for the award, the student should make an application to the Administrator of the Faculty of Law, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UR. The application should be made in the academic year the dissertation or thesis is submitted for the relevant degree or that in which the degree is granted, and should be received by the Administrator of the faculty before 30 June in that year. Any queries regarding applications or suitability for application should, in the first place be addressed to the Administrator of the Law Faculty.

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