Oxford University Gazette, 3 June 2004: University Agenda

University Agenda

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CONGREGATION 29 June 2004 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice any intention to vote against, or to propose an amendment to the legislative proposal below, signed by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 21 June 2004.

1 Voting on Legislative Proposal: Harassment

The following legislative proposal, submitted by Council under Part 2 of Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 133, p. 161), which is promoted on the recommendation of the General Purposes Committee, amends the definition of harassment following changes in national legislation.

WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the definition of harassment set out in Statute XI, NOW THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, in exercise of the powers on that behalf conferred upon it by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, and of all other powers enabling it, enacts as follows.

In Statute XI (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002) delete Section 1 (4) and substitute: `(4) "Harassment" means unwanted and unwarranted conduct towards another person which has the purpose or effect of:

(a) violating that other's dignity, or

(b) creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that other.'

2 Approval of nomination of `external' member of the Council of the University

The nomination by Council, under the provisions of section 4 (7)(10) of Statute VI (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, as amended by the statute approved by Congregation on 15 October 2002 and subsequently by Her Majesty in Council, Gazette, pp. 183, 250, 1335), of MRS GILLIAN SHEPHARD, as a member of Council for two years from 1 October 2004 will be submitted for approval.

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