Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Nuffield College, Oriel College, Trinity College, Wadham College

JOHN STANTON FLEMMING, CBE, MA, FBA, 5 August 2003; Commoner, Trinity College, 1959--62, Honorary Fellow from 1994; student of Nuffield College 1962--3; Fellow and Lecturer, Oriel College, 1963--5, Honorary Fellow from 1993 ; Official Fellow, Nuffield College, 1965--8, Emeritus Fellow from 1980; Warden of Wadham College, 1993-- 2003, Honorary Fellow from 1 August 2003; Treasurer, Royal Economic Society 1992--8 and of the British Academy 1995--2000; Chairman, Council of Management, Institute of Economic and Social Research 1996--2002 and member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution since 1995.

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Wolfson College

JEEVA SATCHITH ANANDAN, D.PHIL., 29 July 2003; graduate student 1994–7. Aged 55.

IOANNIS GEORGE VLACHONIKOLIS, MA, D.PHIL., 20 September 2003; graduate student 1977–80. Aged 51.

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