Scholarships and Prizes 2003: Hardship


The Government Hardship Fund is for British students who need extra help to meet their living or course costs, whether because they have higher than normal costs e.g. student parents or disabled students, or because they fall into hardship unexpectedly. The Fund can be used to meet course-related costs, such as childcare, travel, field trips, and books and equipment, or general living costs, such as rent and utility bills. Grants are discretionary and the amount given depends on the student's individual circumstances. Payments can range from £100 to £3,500.

Funds may be granted to undergraduates and postgraduates, both full- time and part-time, who are either (i) `home' students i.e. persons who, at the start of their course, had settled status in the UK and had been ordinarily resident in the UK for the three years preceding that date for purposes other than full-time education; or (ii) refugees, or those whose parent, step-parent, or spouse is a refugee, or (iii) persons granted exceptional leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain, provided they were ordinarily resident in the UK for three years before the start of the course, or (iv) nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) employed in the UK, their spouses, and children, provided certain other conditions are met.

Before applying for a grant, (i) full-time students must have taken out a student loan, if eligible, and applied for the full amount to which they are entitled; (ii) part-time undergraduates must have taken out a loan for part-time students, if eligible.

Students needing help with childcare or other child-related costs should contact the Student Funding Officer at University Offices, telephone: (2)80651 or e-mail: Students needing help with other costs should inquire at their college for further information, as it is colleges that decide on the allocation of government hardship funds to individuals, other than for childcare which is administered centrally.

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