Scholarships and Prizes 2003: Hardship


The Board of Management of the Abbott Fund invites applications, during Michaelmas Term, for the award of bursaries to members of the University who are:
(a) children (including orphan children) of the clergy of the Church of England;
(b) reading for (i) a first degree, or (ii) the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine or an equivalent degree, or (iii) a second Honour School, of the University; and
(c) standing in need of financial assistance to enable them to obtain the full benefit of a university education.

The bursaries may range from £300 to £1,700, depending upon financial circumstances; in 2002--3 awards were most commonly in the region of £800- -£1,000. As demand on this small fund is high, the fund managers expect that applicants will have sought additional financial support from other sources, including the Student Loan Company and the Government Hardship Funds administered by Colleges.

The Abbott Fund is also sponsoring a number of Enhanced Oxford Bursaries, an application form for which will be sent to all first-year students in receipt of an Oxford Bursary.

Any other students who are eligible should contact their Senior Tutor or College Chaplain for further information. The deadline for the 2003--4 application round is Friday, 5 December 2003. Bursaries are paid in the second half of Hilary Term.

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