Scholarships and Prizes 2003: Medieval and Modern Languages


The Trustees of the Sir John Rhys Fund invite applications from persons engaged in graduate research in Celtic Studies who need financial support in respect of living expenses or fees.

The award is tenable for one year to enable the successful candidate to complete a research programme on which he or she is already engaged for a postgraduate degree or to prepare the work submitted for such a degree for publication. The award will not be renewed save in exceptional circumstances. The award is not intended for those who hold full-time university posts. Its value will depend on circumstances but normally it will be such that the total available to the successful candidate for fees and maintenance will be not less than that generally available under the terms of graduate studentships provided by UK research councils.

The successful applicant, if not already a member of the University of Oxford, would normally become a member of Jesus College and would be expected to reside in Oxford for the greater part of the academic year.

Applications should be sent to the Secretary of the Taylor Institution, 41 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JF, by 1 March 2004 and should include:
(a) a curriculum vitae;
(b) a brief outline of the research proposed for 2004--5 (say one page);
(c) an indication of the size of grant required (i.e. any necessary expenses in addition to the normal living costs of a graduate student) and of other sources of financial support (if any);
(d) brief details of any other awards or appointments for which the candidate is applying;
(e) the candidate's address for the Easter period if different from the term-time address;
(f) the names and addresses of two academic referees, who should be requested to write direct to the Secretary of the Taylor Institution, at the above address by 1 March 2004.

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