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Changes in Regulations

Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 13 June.

Kellogg College: presentation of students for matriculation

1 In Regulation 1 (1) of Council Regulations 10 of 2002 (Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4628, 26 June 2002, p. 1386), delete `working for a graduate degree course on a part-time basis' and substitute `working for a graduate degree course'.

2 Ibid., delete `, save that in the latter case Council shall have power to determine from time to time by regulation the maximum number of such students who may be presented for matriculation. 1' and substitute `.'

3 Ibid., delete footnote 1.

4 Decree (5) of 25 June 1993, as amended by Decree (8) of 14 July 1994 (Gazette, Vol. 123, p. 1236; Vol. 124, p. 1355), is hereby rescinded.

[These changes, made on the recommendation of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council and with the concurrence of the Conference of Colleges, permit Kellogg College to admit full-time as well as part-time graduate students for courses other than the PGCE, and remove the present restriction (to twenty at any one time) on the number of its full-time PGCE students.]

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 13 June, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

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