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CONGREGATION 8 October 12 noon

1 Oration by the Vice-Chancellor

Mr Vice-Chancellor will address the House.

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2 Admission of Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The following persons will be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to be his deputies for the year 2002-3 and will be admitted to office: W.D. MACMILLAN, MA (B.SC., PH.D. Bristol), Fellow of Hertford College (Academic)

PROFESSOR P.A. SLACK, MA, D.PHIL., Principal of Linacre College (Academic Services and University Collections)

PROFESSOR S.D. IVERSEN, MA, D.PHIL., D.SC. (MA, PH.D., SC.D. Cambridge), Fellow of Magdalen College (Planning and Resource Allocation)

SIR PETER NORTH, CBE, QC, DCL, Principal of Jesus College

THE REVD E.W. NICHOLSON, DD (MA Dublin; PH.D. Glasgow; BD, DD Cambridge), Provost of Oriel College

R.C. REPP, MA, D.PHIL. (BA Williams College, Massachusetts), Master of St Cross College

R.G. SMETHURST, MA, Provost of Worcester College

PROFESSOR A.M. CAMERON, CBE, MA (PH.D. London), Warden of Keble College

DAME FIONA CALDICOTT, DBE, BM, B.CH., MA, Principal of Somerville College

DAME RUTH DEECH, DBE, MA (MA Brandeis), Principal of St Anne's College

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3 Admission of Clerks of the Market

SIR ANTHONY KENNY, MA, D.PHIL., D.LITT., HON. DCL, Emeritus Fellow of St John's College, Honorary Fellow of Balliol and Harris Manchester Colleges, nominated by the Chancellor, and J.B. BAMBOROUGH, MA, Honorary Fellow of Linacre, New, and Wadham Colleges, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, will be admitted to office as Clerks of the Market for the year 2002--3.

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