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Change in Regulations

Council has made the following change in regulations, to come into effect on 3 January.

Establishment of James Martin Institute for Science and Civilisation

In Part 2 of Council Regulations 25 of 2002 (Statutes, 2000, p. 676, as renumbered by Decree (1) of 18 January 2001, Decree (2) of 7 June 2001, Decree (4) of 25 July 2002, and the change in regulations published on 14 November 2002, and redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 131, pp. 520, 1114; Vol. 132, pp. 1461, 1544; Vol. 133, p. 404), insert new § 225 as follows and renumber existing §§ 225--49 (pp. 676--700, as renumbered) as §§ 226--50:

`§ 225. Martin Institute for Science and Civilisation

1. The University shall apply moneys received from The James Martin Foundation for Science and Civilisation (`the Foundation'), and any further assets transferred to the University on the trusts of these regulations, in support of The James Martin Institute for Science and Civilisation (`the Institute'), a research and teaching unit in the University.

2. The mission of the Institute (`the Mission') shall be to identify science and technology issues likely to play especially critical roles in shaping the future world of civilisation; to initiate and conduct research directed at finding opportunities for humanity to shape a brighter future for itself and the natural environment on which it depends; to endeavour to influence the course of technological and social change through the engagement of highest-quality scholarship with key decision-makers in business, government, and civil society; to establish fellowship programmes with the aim of bringing together leading scholars and practitioners around the world to do research; to establish a symposium programme to be styled a World Forum on Science and Civilisation; and to establish a teaching programme with the object of training future generations of world leaders.

3. The administration of the Institute, and the application of moneys received under regulation 1 above, shall be dealt with in accordance with an operating agreement between the Social Sciences Board and the Executive Committee of the Saïd Business School (where the Institute shall be established).

4. There shall be an Advisory Board for the Institute, consisting of a group of persons chosen for their expertise or experience relevant to the work of the Institute, and including the following:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor or his or her nominee, who shall chair the board;

(2) two high-level members of the business community;

(3) two high-level practitioners in the field of government and public policy;

(4) two leaders of civil society;

(5) two eminent practising scientists, at least one not being a member of the University;

(6) two eminent social scientists, at least one not being a member of the University; and

(7) two eminent scholars or practitioners in the arts and humanities, at least one not being a member of the University.

5. The Advisory Board shall:

(1) give advice and guidance on the general research direction of the Institute;

(2) monitor the Institute's pursuit of the Mission;

(3) provide links between the Institute and external bodies;

(4) provide assistance in fund-raising and income-generation;

(5) receive regular reports from the Director of the Institute on the work of the Institute.

6. Regulations 3--5 above may be amended by Council.'

[This change establishes the James Martin Institute with a munificent benefaction from The James Martin Foundation.]

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Black, J.J.M., St Edmund Hall

Bowker, C., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Giele, H.P., Queen's

Lee, J.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Meston, N., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Murphy, M.F., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nemeth, A.H., D.Phil., Pembroke

Parker, M.J., St Cross

Ribeiro, H.K., BA, BM, B.Ch., Green College

Rosen, P.H., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Sanders, J., BA, Templeton

Selinger, M., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Van Boxel, P., Faculty of Oriental Studies

Wait, C.M., BM, B.Ch., MA, Pembroke

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 3 January, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

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