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Corpus Christi College

THE REVD GARETH EDWARD MOORE, Priest of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), 6 December 2002; scholar 1966–71. Aged 54.

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Merton College

JAMES MICHAEL COULSON, 18 June 2002; commoner 1949–50. Aged 74.

JAMES ROBERT FROLIK, 30 August 2002; Rhodes Scholar 1948–51. Aged 78.

JOHN ALWYN HALL, 6 May 2002; exhibitioner-elect 1945; 1948–52. Aged 75.

RODNEY HOWARD HILTON, 7 June 2002; Harmsworth Scholar 1939–40. Aged 86.

GEOFFREY RICHARD HORSFALL, September 2002; commoner 1947–9. Aged 76.

HUMPHREY GILBERT BOHUN LYNCH, 25 October 2002; postmaster 1930–4. Aged 90. JAMES BEAVIS POLLARD, December 2001; commoner 1949–52. Aged 71.

BASIL WALTER SMEED, 11 June 2002; commoner 1924–8. Aged 95.

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St Hugh's College

DR PAMELA OLIVE ELIZABETH GRADON, 27 November 2002; Fellow and Tutor in Medieval English 1950–82. Aged 87.

MRS JOAN WILLIAMSON PHELIPS (née Helps), 20 June 2002; Modern Languages 1925. Aged 96.

MRS MARLIN DAVIS HARGRAVE (née Davis), 15 October 2002; 1938. Aged 86.

MRS PATRICIA HELEN RICHARDSON (née Robotham), 27 September 2002; Modern History 1964. Aged 56.

MRS JENNIFER MARGARET WRAY, FCA (née Green), 12 October 2002; Physics 1975. Aged 45.

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All Souls College and Jesus College

A Memorial Service for SIR HROTHGAR JOHN HABAKKUK (1915--2002), Vice-Chancellor 1973--7, Principal of Jesus College 1967--84 and Honorary Fellow 1984-- 2002, Chichele Professor of Economic History and Fellow of All Souls College 1950--67, and Distinguished Fellow 1988--2001, Honorary Fellow 2001--2, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 8 February, in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. After the service, tea will be served in Jesus College.

Magdalen College

A Memorial Service for DIRK TER HAAR (1919–2002), Lecturer in Theoretical Physics 1956–9, Reader 1959–86, Fellow and Tutor in Physics 1959–86, Emeritus Fellow 1986–2002, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 1 February, in the college chapel. Tea will be served in the hall after the service.

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St Edmund Hall

Philip Geddes Memorial Prizes 2003

The Philip Geddes Memorial Prizes are intended to encourage undergraduates who want to pursue a career in journalism by providing them with funds to be used in furtherance of their journalistic education and training. The Prizes were founded in memory of Philip Geddes, journalist and former member of St Edmund Hall, who was killed in the IRA bombing at Harrods in 1983.

In 2003, St Edmund Hall intends to award a prize to the value of £1,000.

Entries are therefore invited from members of the University who will, at the end of Trinity Term 2003, have completed their second year, and who have involved themselves in journalism (including radio and television) in the University and elsewhere. Candidates are required to submit four copies of the following: (i) examples of journalistic work completed during their period at the University, and (ii) a description of the journalistic project on which the candidate proposed to spend the award. The Prize will be judged by two practising journalists, one fellow of St Edmund Hall and one other senior member of the University.

Candidates should ask their tutor to write separately to Professor Richard Crampton at St Edmund Hall, certifying that the candidate's journalism has not interfered with academic work. They should also note that awards are made on condition that the successful candidates later submit a report (approximately 3,000 words), detailing the use to which their prize-money has been put.

Entries should reach Professor Richard Crampton at St Edmund Hall by midday on Wednesday of fourth week of Hilary Term. Envelopes should be clearly marked `The Philip Geddes Awards'. Sports entries should also include the word `Sport'.

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