Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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St Anne's College

MRS MARGARET ELIZABETH PAUL, May 2002; Member of St Anne's Society 1947–50.

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St Hugh's College

PROFESSOR RUTH JOSEPHINE DEAN, 3 February 2003; Modern Languages 1922. Aged 100.

MRS MARGARET PRIMROSE MORRIS (née Reekie), 12 April 2003; English 1932. Aged 88.

MRS PHYLLIS TOUCH (née Wallbank), 18 August 2002; Mathematics 1931. Aged 89.

MRS VALERIA ANDREVNA VAN STOLK (née Basilewitch), 27 February 2003; English 1929. Aged 91.

MRS DOROTHY NORAH WALTON (née Lovegrove), 18 April 2003; Modern History 1935. Aged 87.

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