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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Aarnio, O.M., D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Armstrong, R.M., Balliol
Arthur, J.H., Balliol
Bullard, P., D.Phil., Mansfield
Creaser, J.W., MA, Mansfield
Del Bono, E., M.Phil., Queen's
Glennerster, A., BA, BM, B.Ch., D.Phil., Queen's
Johansen-Berg, H., BA, St Edmund Hall
Kahane, A., D.Phil., Balliol
Kringelbach, M.L., Queen's
Macnair, M.R.T., BCL, MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Melham, T.F., Balliol
Mukherjee, A., Wadham
Rodriguez-Pereyra, G., Hertford
Roper, L.A., MA, Balliol
Scott, H.J., BCL, Trinity
Wadhams, G.H., M.Biochem., Lincoln
Wentworth, R., St Edmund Hall