Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Christ Church

JOHN MICHAEL WILKINSON, 2003; commoner 1947. Aged 73 or 74.

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Corpus Christi College

JOHN LOVE STRATHEARN ALLAN, MA, CA, 31 May 2003; commoner 1941–4. Aged 80.

GRAHAM BINNS, MA, FRSA, 12 May 2003; commoner 1943–4 and 1947–50. Aged 77.

JOHN EVERARD DIGBY, MA, CERT.ED., 19 April 2003; scholar 1942 and 1946–9. Aged 76.

PROFESSOR SIR BERNARD ARTHUR OWEN WILLIAMS, KT., MA, HON. LITT.D. Dublin, HON. D.LITT. Aberdeen, Keele, FBA, 12 June 2003; Fellow and White's Professor of Moral Philosophy 1990–5, Emeritus Fellow 1995–6, Honorary Fellow 1997–2003. Aged 73.

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