Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Christ Church

WILLIAM BASIL HILLS, 19 March 2003; commoner 1934. Aged 86.

BARRINGTON MILNER, 28 March 2003; commoner 1957. Aged 63.


Due to a misunderstanding, an obituary notice for Mr Cecil Grattan de Courcy-Wheeler was published in the Gazette of 13 February (p. 792).

The notice incorrectly stated that Mr de Courcy-Wheeler had died on 18 March 2001.

The college apologises to Mr de Courcy-Wheeler for this most regrettable error.

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Lady Margaret Hall

MRS MARY ISABEL LUSK (née Forrester-Paton), 29 March 2003; History 1942–5. Aged 79.

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