Scholarships and Prizes 2002:
Mathematics, Computation, and Statistics


The Trustees give notice that one or more Senior Prizes of the value of £500 or less will be awarded in Trinity Term 2003, if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves. Candidates must either have satisfied the examiners in a Final Honour School or be Probationer Research Students or D.Phil., M.Phil., or M.Sc. Students admitted not later than the preceding Michaelmas Term. They must not have attained twenty-five years of age on the first day of the Trinity Full Term in which entries are received.

Prizes may be awarded to candidates who present dissertations on any subject of Pure or Applied Mathematics selected by the candidates themselves, provided that a prize shall not be awarded twice to the same person, and that if dissertations of sufficient merit are not sent in, the awards may be withheld. The candidate who presents the dissertation of the greatest merit shall be the Senior University Mathematical Prizeman, shall be called the `Johnson University Prizeman', and shall receive the emoluments from Dr Johnson's bequest (approximately £400) in addition to his or her other emoluments. A dissertation which has been used before in competition for any prize or scholarship, other than a college senior scholarship or fellowship or the Senior Mathematical Prize, may not be presented.

Candidates must send in their dissertations under their own names to the Head Clerk, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, by 3 May 2003, and must state in writing what portions, if any, of their dissertations they claim as original, and give references to writings which they have studied in connection with the subjects of their dissertations. They must at the same time state their age and their academic status (see paragraph two).

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